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I was recently featured in Authority Magazine in an article called From Addict to Entrepreneur.  As I type this, I realize these are 2 titles I never thought I’d be described as and obviously one is more enticing than the other!

I am over 9 years sober and rounding the corner on my 10th year in February of 2022.  It has been a remarkable and life changing journey to say the least.  With that, I know I will be sharing more with you about this in the coming months.

There was a time when I would have been horrified and shame-ridden by the title of this piece and now, sharing the story feels healing. If it helps someone to read it, that’s the most important thing because addiction is incredibly isolating and rates of addiction are at an all time high. All I want is for people to know they’re not alone and that recovery is possible. It sounds cliche I think but, when you’re in the throes of it, neither of these 2 things seem to be remotely true.

Through my recovery journey, I learned that my most mindful daily choices made a big difference. This became the foundation of my own intentional daily living. In turn, this has turned into card products, books, podcast, talks, events and more. Like recovery, entrepreneurship requires a lot of resilience and the rewards exceed my expectations.

I hope you’ll give it and read and share it with the people in your life that may need it.


The story of my journey is here and for those of you seeking resources, I’ve also created the May You Know Joy in Recovery card deck. These are simple daily nudges to inspire our most mindful journey forward.  There are also a few great podcast episodes we recorded on this topic:

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Recovery is possible XO