Episode 018: Jean McCarthy - May You Know Joy
Episode 018: Jean McCarthy

Episode 018: Jean McCarthy

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As many of you know, I have been 8+ years sober and this journey completely altered my life and continues to do so every day.  To me, addiction and recovery are essential conversations.  With that, I am thrilled to share this interview with Jean McCarthy with you.  She is a prominent voice in the recovery community and has been telling her own story and the stories of others for years now – most notably through her blog, her books and her Bubble Hour podcast.

In this episode, we have a candid conversation about her own recovery.  She is raw and authentic and also offers sage wisdom for people in recovery and those around them.  Whether you struggle with addiction or not, it is my experience that meeting our true selves without numbing is a challenge for everyone – it can be the most uncomfortable and yet, most worthwhile journey of this lifetime.  This episode has something for everyone and I encourage you to give it a listen.


(00:50)            Jean’s bio

(04:12)            Jean’s history with alcoholism and what was going on around her

(07:42)            Jean’s turning point and avoiding rock bottom

(09:30)            Sharing our problems with people we trust 

(10:58)            Our truth vs what the world tells us

(12:11)            Jean’s first blog post and what happened from there

(14:40)            The cycle of addiction and how we heal

(18:37)            Universal themes from Jean’s podcast

(21:04)            How Jean actually recovered – on day 1 and over the years 

(24:53)            The kindest thing you can say to someone who wants to stop drinking

(28:25)            How relationship dynamics change

(32:50)            How to socialize without alcohol 

(36:59)            Recovery & healing the reason you numbed in the first place 

(41:48)            Letting go of shame

(43:25)            Jean talks to us about her writing

(48:23)            Jean’s wise and inspiring advice to anyone who is struggling



Jean McCarthy is an award-winning blogger and podcaster who is best-known as a voice of recovery advocacy. Her blog UnPickled began in 2011 and has continued to chronicle Jean’s alcohol-free lifestyle since her first day of sobriety. Thousands of readers credit UnPickled as a motivating factor in their decision to quit drinking. Jean joined The Bubble Hour podcast as a co-host in 2013. She took over the weekly program as its sole producer and host in 2016. The show has a devoted and enthusiastic audience. She has published 2 books about recovery: UnPickled Holiday Survival Guide, a resource for sobriety over the festive season, and The Ember Ever There, a collection of poems about recovery. At a gala in New York City, Jean was named recipient of the 2017 SheRecovers Hope Award in recognition of her efforts to help others seek positive changes in their lives. She lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband Ross and dog Scout.

Website:         www.jeanmccarthy.ca

Instagram:      @jeanmccarthy_writes

Twitter:           @jeanmccarthy_ca     @unpickled

Facebook:        @unpickled   @thebubblehour