Episode 035: Tricia Lewis - May You Know Joy
Intention Sessions Podcast with Tricia Lewis, Recovery Happy Hour Podcast Host

Episode 035: Tricia Lewis

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In this episode, we talk to Tricia Lewis, Host of the Recovery Happy Hour Podcast, about intentional living in recovery.  Tricia shares her journey of recovery from addiction and how when we say we’re “fine” but, we’re really not.  Perhaps, more importantly though, we talk about what life is really like in recovery (it’s not boring like we might have assumed!).  We talk about the many tools and resources.  Tricia also shares the universal truths she hears through the telling of so many recovery stories on The Recovery Hour Podcast.

What I love about Tricia’s podcast is it always features someone’s story.  The person needs at least a year of sobriety and she explores what sober life is really like and how people not only navigate but, really thrive in recovery.  I highly recommend you give it a listen. 

If you like truth, this is the podcast for you.  If you are in recovery, struggling with addiction or know someone who is, there is a lot of wisdom here for you.  As Tricia points out, you are not alone and you may actually find living without alcohol way easier and a lot more fulfilling.


(00:50)            Tricia’s Bio

(03:20)            Dispelling stereotypes around drinking

(04:25)            What life looked like when Tricia quit drinking 

(08:33)            How to understand you have a problem 

(10:06)            The question is not am I an alcoholic, the question do I want to change my life?

(11:11)            Tricia’s story 

(16:10)            The early days of quitting drinking

(17:46)            Getting a community of support and different recovery tools

(22:20)            When it’s time to mix up your recovery

(23:52)            There’s no right or wrong way to recover

(25:25)            What has surprised you about recovery?

(28:41)            What inspired Tricia’s podcast – The Recovery Happy Hour Podcast

(32:02)            What Tricia has learned from her podcast interviews

(32:50)            How waking up is so much different

(34:49)            How what we learn teaches us to really live life

(36:20)            Life is actually easier when we don’t drink

(37:35)            Universal truths in recovery – you’re not alone in this

(39:45)            What really happens when you say you’re going to quit drinking

(42:33)            Whether you share your story or not is your own prerogative

(44:55)            What Tricia would say to you if you’re struggling with alcohol right now

(52:00)            Where to hear Tricia’s podcast & access resources



In November 2016, Tricia Lewis decided that balancing a life of being an entrepreneur and a high functioning alcoholic was too much to handle. She quit drinking and learned how to recover as hard as she drank without looking back. Tricia produces and hosts a weekly podcast called Recovery Happy Hour, where listeners can celebrate life beyond the bottle. Weekly guests from all over the world dissect all forms of recovery from alcohol use, and the idea that an alcohol-free life is not only worth living but more fun than you’d imagine. Recovery Happy Hour has been downloaded over a million times in over 100 different countries.

Website:         www.recoveryhappyhour.com

Instagram :      @recoveryhappyhour 

FB :                  Recovery Happy Hour