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New May You Know Joy Gift Boxes are Here!

I’m super thrilled to share these new gift boxes with you!  I think they are the perfect combination of beautiful, intentional and thoughtful. Not only do they include our card decks but, we’ve carefully selected gorgeous self-care goodies from our favourite Canadian small businesses. It took us quite awhile to find the perfect mix of items.  I have a greater respect for all of you who curate entire stores!

What’s Inside

Here’s a look at what’s inside the first 2 boxes we are launching. There are more to come so, stay tuned!

We’ve actually enjoyed a gift box partnership for a few years now so, it’s given us a chance to fine-tune our offering and understand what people enjoy and want to gift.

We are starting by sharing our 2 most popular boxes:  our Self-Care box and our Gratitude box.

In these boxes, you will find:

  • our Self-Care or Gratitude card decks
  • our popular birch bark card stand
  • a rose quartz crystal for energy clearing and to promote self-love
  • 2 incredibly beautiful bath bombs by Ottawa-based Bathorium – an absolute favourite
  • a gorgeous intention bracelet by Toronto-based Mai Lin Jewelry
  • a vegan lip balm by Toronto-based Lip Candy
Beautiful Gratitude Gift Box by May You Know Joy

Beautiful Gratitude Gift Box by May You Know Joy

With each of our boxes, we want to create a beautiful, inspiring gift of indulgence. The gift set allows you to be mindful, take some time to yourself and be nourished – mind, body and spirit.

What I Love About Gift Boxes

What I love about gift boxes is being the intermediary between the giver and the recipient  We assemble each box and we write each message that goes with them. These notes have said I love you, I’m thinking about you, I miss you, you are awesome, I’m wishing you healing and so many other thoughtful sentiments. To be part of this good flow of energy and generosity is just the coolest thing ever.  And, in case you ever doubt it, the world is full of a lot of very kind people.

Let’s Connect

You can find our boxes here.

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