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I’m excited to share our very first custom card deck with you!  It’s always funny to share ‘new’ card decks because they are in the works for such a long time beforehand so, while they’re new to the world, they don’t feel new to me.

This card deck began with a phone call in the Fall of 2021.  I had been thinking and wondering about a project like this for sometime so, when Julie approached me and asked if I would ever help her create her custom card deck, I was thrilled.

Feel Good Living Card Deck

This card deck would ultimately become the Feel Good Living Card Deck.  It is the result of a beautiful collaboration where we took our card deck know-how and Julie’s book  and vision and created a custom card deck that is truly unique to her. It is a celebration of her book’s wisdom in a format that lends itself to simple daily inspiration.

Julie Thayer is a popular and gifted yoga teacher.  In the past few years, Julie has faced some significant struggles and these set her on a journey of deep healing and self-discovery. From this deep learning comes great wisdom. It is her story to share and you can find it in her book, Reclaimed, and also in this podcast episode.  It’s remarkable and I highly encourage you to seek it out.

Feel Good Living - Custom Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Feel Good Living – Custom Card Deck by May You Know Joy

How the Custom Card Deck Came to Life

How the custom card deck came to life comes down to one word:  collaboration.  I think what’s beautiful about this project is that Julie had already poured her heart and soul into her book. It was easy to feel her essence and extract the core messages that she shared throughout.

We used our years of experience to create the look and feel of the deck, the packaging, the cards themselves and messages that got right to the heart of the matter. Furthermore, we leveraged our incredible design and print partners to ensure the highest level of quality.

While Julie was an integral part of the entire process, the trust she put in our experience allowed everything to flow with incredible ease.

We knew the we were basing the entire project on Reclaimed so, brand colours and key messaging immediately became apparent.  In addition, Julie had a keen eye on every detail and we are both thrilled with the final product.

The Beauty of Collaboration

The beauty of collaboration simply cannot be underestimated.  Julie’s vision, combined with my own knowledge of card creation and design sensibility allowed us to create something absolutely beautiful. Most importantly, I know that we are both incredibly proud of this project. I was very proud to bring Julie’s vision to life and it is cool because, while I am so proud of this, I feel that it truly belongs to Julie. It’s really quite magical and looks like something I never would have created on my own.

Julie’s Thoughts on the Process

Julie share these thoughts with me on the project and I’m humbled.

“I knew I wanted to create an affirmation card deck, as a companion to my book Reclaimed!. I had no idea where to begin, but I knew who did… Adrienne Enns of May You Know Joy. How did I know this? Well, each of the women who join my mastery receive one of Adrienne’s amazing Gratitude Decks, as a gift for choosing themselves and participating in the program. So, instead of re-inventing the wheel, I decided to go straight to the Expert. And all I can say is, “I am soooo happy I did!” Working with Adrienne and her team proved to be one of the best decisions of my life, in every possible way. From our very first phone call, I knew my dream card deck was in the most capable and caring of hands. As a Project Manager, Adrienne is everything I could have wished for, and MORE. She met me exactly where I was, listened deeply, and truly embodied my vision… she connected, she collaborated, she created, she inspired, and, most importantly, she led the project from a place of pure joy and love. Our journey together was, honestly, effortless. Adrienne mapped it all out, from point A to point B, and the plan was perfectly executed, timelines met, and in many cases, exceeded. Adrienne had her fingers on the pulse of every aspect, her follow-up was second to none, and updates were always flowing. My Feel Good Living Card Deck has exceeded all of my expectations and the client feedback has been incredible! I am ever grateful to Adrienne and her team for their invaluable contribution to its curation, they were the difference-makers! Truly a privilege to walk this path, together, and the epitome of a successful and mutually rewarding collaboration. Thank you from the bottom of my very full heart.”

Follow Julie’s Work

Julie is a true inspiration and here is how to follow Julie’s work:

Julie’s website:  www.juliethayeryoga.com

Instagram:  @juliethayeryoga

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