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intentional days

Intentional Days is a beautiful guidebook for your most intentional life.

Intentional Days is an exploration of our most intentional living and why it’s worth it. It also offers simple how-to’s so, you can create your own daily intention setting practice. Finally, there is an entirely new series of vulnerable, raw and beautiful intentions to to inspire your daily living your journey.

If I were you, I would read this book cover to cover so, I was familiar with each aspect of intentional living. From there, I would have it on my bedside table (or in your special spot) so, that I could return to it often. For the intentions in the third and final section, you can open the book at random, trusting you will always open to the just the right page. Or, you can choose a passage on purpose because you know in your heart what support, guidance and grounding you need in this moment.

Creating an intention practice means we’re choosing how we show up in the world. We’re making mindful choices about the life that we want to create and then, we’re taking inspired action. This is a powerful self-care tool and practice. I hope this book inspires you and supports you in creating your life on purpose.

To read is time well spent. And to practice your
intentional living is the most amazing gift you can give yourself.

To read is time well spent. And to practice your intentional living is the most amazing gift you can give yourself. Practice in big and small ways everyday and enjoy the creation of a rich and beautiful experience! You can create your life on purpose.

What readers are saying…

My guy has been struggling a bit with purpose and joy. He asked me for a recommendation for a book that might help but not quite so theoretical as Jon Kabat Zinn which I gave him as a gift some years ago. I suggested your book which he purchased on-line. He loves it!

Just want to let you know how much I am enjoying your book. I’ve got tons of highlights and flags marking specific pages. It is REALLY having an impact on me. Have tried to read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now a few times but it’s just going through. Your book I get. Guess I just needed to find the right book start this journey.!

Whether you read this book from cover to cover, or you pick it up and randomly choose a page, Adrienne Enns beautifully illustrates that joy is always a choice, one that we make for ourselves because we are worth it. Intentional Days gives the reader a blueprint for living life on purpose. This book is a great bedside reminder of the beauty around us and makes a great gift for anyone who is trying to notice the good around them every day!

Dude. Your book is amazing. Elegant, easy, rich, holy-feeling, deep, visceral and light. No easy feat. I love it.

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