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joy & intention

for your most inspired living

We create beautiful products, conversations and experiences to inspire your most intentional living. A whole-hearted welcome to you. May you find great joy and inspiration here.


intention setting card decks & gift sets

Shop our gorgeous line of intention card decks, ritual sets and deluxe gift sets. They are perfect for your daily intention setting practice and thoughtful giving. Shop Now!

Seeds of Intention Cards
May You Know Joy in Recovery - Cards Fanned Out


to the intention sessions podcast

Through engaging interviews, The Intention Sessions podcast explores the rawness of our human journey and the universal lessons that inspire our most intentional living.

Intentional Days


my book, intentional days

Intentional Days explores what it means to be intentional, why it’s transformative and create a daily practice. It also includes a section of inspirational passages to inspire you daily.


share & be inspired

Join us on social media to share your card pulls and to be inspired by how others are using their cards. Find us on Instagram and Facebook @mayyouknowjoy. We look forward to sharing with you there!

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articles & blog posts to inspire your intention setting practices

Our blog posts offer a rich deep dive into intention setting, intentional living and how to find joy in every day life.

How to Use Intention Cards

If you're curious about how to use intention cards, you've come to the right place. We call them intention cards because intentional living is so central to our practice but, you may also know them by affirmation card decks. Whatever the name, it's using them and...

Finding Joy

In a world that's fraught with chaos, finding joy can often feel elusive, irrelevant and perhaps for some other time. I was talking to a beautiful group of women the other night on this very topic and want to share the conversation with you. Perhaps finding more joy...

Self-Care Enters the Corporate World

Good news:  Self-care enters the corporate world! You don't know what a pleasure it is to write this post and share this good news with you! I spent over 15 years in the corporate world at some of Canada's major media companies. For many of my years there, I loved it....

Self-love & the A Lotta Love Affirmation Card Deck

I want to thank the amazing team at for this awesome interview about self love and the A Lotta Love affirmation card deck. About this interview I want to tell you a little bit about this interview.  First, I really appreciated this opportunity because the...

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Intentional Days Book with the Author, Adrienne Enns



Enjoy your life. Infuse it with simple practices, pleasures and people that nourish you and bring you joy. It is an honour to accompany you on this journey. May you know great joy & abundance.