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Wishing you joy in your daily intention setting practice! Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for the perfect mindfuly gift, we hope our card decks delight and inspire you!  Happy shopping!

Intention Cards

Our beautiful line of intention cards is designed to inspire your most intentional living. We wanted to create a simple self-care tools that connect you to yourself and help you cultivate the life you want to live – and a lot of joy! The gift sets bring together the best of our card decks and intention setting accessories so you have everything you need.

Mindfulness at Your Finger Tips

These intention cards are a great way to cultivate mindfulness anytime and anywhere. Keep them on your bedside table, on your desk or in your gym bag – where ever you can access them easily when you need some inspiration.

Intention Cards & Gift Sets
Create a Morning Ritual

Create a
Morning Ritual

A popular way to use the cards is to create a morning ritual. Pull a card each morning and have it inspire your day.

Use as a Journal Prompt

Use as a Journal

For those who love to journal, the cards offer great inspiration for self-reflection and intention setting.

Inspire Your Meditation or Yoga Practice

Inspire Your Meditation or Yoga Practice

The cards are also beautiful inspiration for a meditation or yoga practice. They offer a point of focus and a way to explore the intention on a deeper level.

Inspire Conversations with Family & Friends

Inspire Conversations with Family & Friends

The cards are also popular amongst family, friends and other group gatherings. They offer a mindful starting point for rich and thoughtful conversations.

What is Intentional Living?

What is Intentional Living?

Intentional living means choosing how you want to show up in the world and taking mindful action in alignment with those intentions. It is the anti-dote to a busy life on auto-pilot. You’ve only got one life, what would it look and feel like to show up every day as the very best expression of yourself? What values do you want to emulate? What do you want to create? What kind of living would bring you a lot of joy? Intentional living is all about inspired action and creating your life – on purpose.

How to Set an Intention

We’re going to give you some suggestions but, we also want you to follow your heart and get creative when it comes to creating your intention setting practice. The first thing you need to do is choose an intention. When you’re using intention cards, you can choose a card at random trust it’s the right one for you. Alternatively, you can choose a card on purpose because you know what you want to focus on. Next, look for opportunities to be intentional throughout your day. We don’t want to just think about it, we want to embody it. Last but, not least, take some time to reflect on this intention, what you learned and how it can help you create joy moving forward.

How to Set an Intention
How Do You Practice Intentions?

How Do You Practice Intentions?

You’ve pulled a card, now what? How do you actually put the wheels in motion? First, when you pull a card, notice what it means to you and how it’s relevant in your life right now. Next, it’s great to put your card somewhere you can see it and be reminded of it. Most importantly, be mindful of your intention throughout the day. Where is there an opportunity to practice your intention? Can you speak intentionally, listen intentionally or take intentional actions? Taking time for gratitude and reflection at the end of the day is the perfect way to bookend your most intentional day.

Making Time for Self-Care

Making time for self-care can feel challenging with so many things demanding our attention. However, when you take care of yourself, you will feel happy. You will also feel clear and centred. It’s the old (yet, always appropriate) metaphor of putting on your oxygen mask so you can help those around you! These intention cards are a simple way to get your self-care practice in motion – every day! It only takes a minute to pull a card and you can weave your intention into the fabric of your life. When you start taking care of yourself, choosing how you want to show up and living intentionally – your mindset and life will begin to shift in truly beautiful ways. Just pull a card and see what magic unfolds.

How to Set an Intention

Deluxe Gift Sets

These deluxe gift sets are available for each of our card decks. Each bag includes the card deck, a faux birch bark card stand to display the day’s card pull and a rose quartz crystal for energy clearing and to promote self-love. They also include a little 3-step instruction card on how to set an intention.

All of our intention card decks and gift sets make really thoughtful gifts

They are great gifts for friends, parents, siblings, teachers and really, just about anyone. They fit into stockings, gift baskets and mailboxes! The truly amazing thing is that they will continue to provide heart-felt inspiration to the recipient in days and years to come. That’s an awesome gift of connection.

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