The 2-Minute Morning Ritual - May You Know Joy

I want to introduce you to the 2-minute morning ritual that just might change the course of your day.

Morning Ritual Inspiration

There are a few key factors that are the inspiration for this morning ritual and I want to share them with you because maybe you’ll identify with them.

First, as you probably already know, I’m a huge advocate for daily intention setting practices.  Intention setting means we are mindful in our lives and choose how we want to show up.  We’ve decided to get off autopilot once and for all and have decided to take an active role in the life we’re creating.  So, this is inspired by the fact that intention setting is an important way to start your day.

Second, I’ve heard time and again that’s there’s just no time.  We are leading busy lives and there’s just not time to take care of ourselves.  (That’s a topic for another post!)  So, I want to make it super simple for you to start your day with this morning ritual.  If it grows from there, all the better.

2-Minute Ritual in 3 Simple Steps

Here is your 2-minute ritual in 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Do not grab your phone

This might be the toughest part but, perhaps the most important.  Do not grab your phone right when you wake up.  Take a pause to wake up.  Breathe in deeply.  Be fully present in the morning and recognize this as a fresh start.  You have the incredible opportunity to show up in this brand new day and create your life on purpose.

Step 2 – What are you grateful for?

In this relaxed waking state, notice what you feel grateful for.  Maybe you’re grateful for the day. You might also be grateful for your body, this moment of stillness or the people that you love.  Perhaps something is happening today that you’re looking forward to and you’re grateful for that.  Give thought to what you’re grateful for and feel the gratitude in your body because feeling it allows you to embody this very positive sensation first thing.  A consistent gratitude practice is healthy because not only does it trigger the feel-good neurochemicals but, it actually rewires your brain, reduces stress and improves your mood.  I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good way to start your day.

Step 3 – Create an intention for the day

Take a moment to create an intention for your day.  When you think about what is going to happen today, ask yourself how you want to show up.  What would feel good today?  Perhaps you’re going to have a difficult conversation and your intention is to be honest and confident. Maybe you’ve been lacking in the self-care department and your intention today is to be kinder to yourself and do things that are more nourishing.

When we create an intention for the day, we are making a conscious choice of what we want to create. This sets the course for our day and can serve as a valuable reminder when we need to re-centre throughout the day.

Intention Setting Suggestions

If you need some help setting suggestions, we’ve got some great tips for you.

First, you can always use an intention card deck for inspiration.  Here is a link to our favourites and the ones we’ve created.  These are designed to inspire you to look at your day in new ways and live life to the fullest.  You can pull a card at random trusting that the message you pull is exactly what you need for the day.  Alternatively, you can choose a card on purpose because the word or sentiment exemplifies exactly what it is that you want to create.

Alternatively, I believe there to be 3 foundational intentions that we can always live by.  They are:  love, kindness and gratitude.  Can we agree that if the entire world was operating from these intentions we’d be in a lot better shape?  Here’s some inspiration for these intentions:

An intention of kindness

Look for every opportunity to be kinder during the day.  Can you be kinder to yourself, your body and your mind?  Watch what you’re saying – especially to yourself – can you be kinder and less judgemental?  Look for opportunities to be kind to the people around you and the environment.  Not only will it feel good but, you have no idea of the ripple effect it may cause.   Remember:  it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being intentional and real.

An intention of love

Can you approach today from a place of love instead of fear?  Open that heart up and ask yourself, in any situation, what would love do?  Remember to love yourself too!

An intention of gratitude

Throughout the day, notice what you’re grateful for and really feel the gratitude. Gratitude rewires your brain, reduces stress and enhances your mood.  It’s a really beautiful practice.

Your New 2-Minute Morning Ritual

You new 2-minute morning ritual may sound too simple.  The key is you have to do it!  Simple, consistent practices done overtime can have profound and cumulative effects.  This practice is like being on your own side and it will set the course for your day.  Infuse it with joy and really savour it.  If you love it or find there are days when you have more time, you can always extend it.

Give yourself 2 minutes and allow it to transform your heart, your mindset, your morning, your day and your life.


For those of you wanting looking to go beyond 2 minutes, I encourage you to check out The Intention Setting Workbook and our awesome May You Know Joy membership. Find the resources that suit you best!