Intention Setting Workbook - May You Know Joy

Intention Setting Workbook

CAD $5.99

This intention setting workbook is designed to be the ultimate guide for self-reflection, inspiration and intentional living.

This workbook is 54 pages.  It arrives as a downloadable PDF which is fillable.  You can print it out if you prefer to complete it by hand.

Based on years of workshops & coaching sessions, I have compiled my core learnings and will walk you through a simple, beautiful and transformative practice.  The workbook includes an explanation of intentional living.  You will navigate through reflection, being in the ‘now’, connecting with what you want to create and also creating simple practices to start and complete your days.

This is a powerful practice to complete and refer to at the beginning of a new year, a new phase or at any point when you need a mindful reset.

It is also intended to provide you with greater connection to yourself, what you want to create and to your most joyful experience of this life.