Episode 012: Julie Thayer - May You Know Joy
Episode 012: Julie Thayer

Episode 012: Julie Thayer

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CONTENT WARNING:  In this episode, we talk about suicide.

This episode is raw, honest, inspiring and incredibly beautiful.  Julie is remarkable in her resilience and ability to articulate a very difficult journey from a place of deep self-compassion and with a mission to inspire healing.

Within the tapestry of Julie’s attempted suicide and lifelong struggle with depression, we talk about seeking professional help, enlisting a support team, doing our work, medication, yoga, meditation and so much more.

Whether these experiences have personally touched your life or not, Julie’s story is sure to move you and inspire you to reflect and slow down.  She reminds us of the importance of mindfulness, choice, gratitude and resilience.

If you are struggling with depression, contemplating suicide or know someone who is – Julie and I both encourage you to reach out for help.  We know it feels impossible but, it’s not.  Julie is living proof of that.  Listen to this episode and refer to the resources below or to other health professionals – help is always available.  You do not have to do this alone.


(00:50)            Julie’s Bio

(04:37)            Julie shares how she struggled with depression and an eating disorder as a teen 

(07:13)            How this star high school basketball player really felt on the inside 

(09:41)            Seeking help

(10:09)            At 32, Julie felt whole and hit her stride – personally and professionally 

(18:35)            Fast forward 12 years and Julie’s depression re-surfaced

(22:10)            A perfect storm of events lead to Julie’s life imploding 

(23:39)            Julie’s fast fall into darkness 

(25:34)            Julie describes how her November birthday unfolded and her attempted suicide 

(31:25)            What changed the course of Julie’s plans that day

(34:25)            Julie’s heartfelt message that life DOES get better

(35:08)            Julie’s message for people who find themselves in this dire place

(39:16)            Julie’s journey back to wholeness and equanimity – with a healthcare team

(45:05)            The role of family and friends is to show up and be present

(47:15)            Returning to wholeness 

(49:40)            Daily practices of awareness, health and well-being

(54:30)            The real practice of yoga

(56:02)            The healing practice of walking 

(57:48)            Finding the tools that work for you

(1:00:46)         What we need is already within us



Julie is a passionate and very accomplished student and teacher of yoga.  She has studied extensively with the world’s best teachers and her studies have seen in her dive into niche areas includes alignment, chronic pain, depression & anxiety and yoga nidra … just to skim the surface.  And – speaking of surfaces, stand up paddle board yoga is also a passion of hers.

Julie completed her RYT 200 teacher training at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA under the direction of Ganga White, Tracey Rich and Sven Holcomb. Julie then completed her RYT 500 teacher training mentoring with Karen Claffey and the esteemed faculty of The Heaven on Earth Yoga Institute in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Julie’s studies at Heaven on Earth focused upon: Structural Alignment, based upon Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment; Anatomy and Physiology, Yoga for Chronic Pain with Neil Pearson; Yoga for Cancer, End-of-Life and Chronic Illness with Jnani Chapman; Yoga for Grief Relief, with Antonio Sausys; Yoga Cosmology, Psychology and The Chakras with Kaoverii Weber; LifeForce Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with Joy Bennett/Amy Weintraub; an introduction to Ayurveda with Nitin Shah M.D. Ayu; and last but not least; Yoga for Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and Fibromyalgia; Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra. This intensive training profoundly impacted Julie’s deeper understanding of the power of yoga to both nurture and inspire one’s mind, body, and soul. In addition, Julie has a mad passion for Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)-Yoga and completed her SUP Yoga Teacher Training/Paddle Into Fitness Certification and Level 1 WPA SUP Instructor Certification with Gillian Gibree and Paddle Into Fitness. When the warm weather hits you will find Julie out on the water, blissfully playing on her board, smiling ear to ear!

Website:         www.juliethayeryoga.com                  

Instagram:      @juliethayeryoga

Facebook:        Julie Thayer