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In today’s blog post, I’m sharing a profile of awesome Health Coach, Annie Gaudreault and how she uses May You Know Joy Cards in her practice. I want to introduce you to a very inspiring person and highlight how coaches are using our card decks in their work with clients.

About Annie

Here is some background about Annie and also an overview of the incredible work that she’s doing now.

Annie is a popular nutritionist and health coach. She founded VEEV Health & Wellness to support the needs of smart and successful individuals, giving them the confidence to do what they want to do, with the energy that they need. Annie is an endurance athlete with 12 marathons and 3 Ironman® triathlons under her belt so, we know that Annie lives and practices what she preaches!

Annie particularly serves women at midlife and helps them become stronger, healthier and more confident. She shared that this can be a time where serving others has gotten the best of women and they’ve forgotten about themselves.  Who out there knows what this feels like? As a coach, Annie helps them get back in the drives seat and re-connect with the energy and vibrancy they never really lost.

Annie and I often join forces for Scala Networks’ Self-Care Session for busy executives. While Annie talks about the body, I talk about the heart and finding joy. We love this tandem work because we both know how intricately our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health are interwoven. When we hear the women connecting the dots between our sessions, we know that good things are happening.  We want to remind women that it’s the simple, intentional choices they make everyday that have a significant impact on their long-term health and well-being.

How Annie Uses May You Know Joy Intention Cards in Her Coaching Practice

I was curious to ask Annie how she uses our May You Know Joy intention cards in her coaching practice. We met years ago at the Toronto Yoga Show and have stayed in touch ever since.  In addition to gifting the cards to clients, Annie shared that the cards are always close at hand. She will often pull cards at the end of a session to help close and ground the session. The cards provide a mindfulness practice that her clients can carry forward beyond their session. When we had this conversation via Zoom, sure enough the Seeds of Intention cards were right at arm’s length!

One thing I loved that Annie shared is that sometimes her clients are surprised that she uses intention cards. She is very scientific and fact-based in her approach to health, nutrition and coaching so, the cards feel like a different approach to some.  She shared that she enjoys this because it’s an opportunity for her to remind clients that their health (and her approach) is holistic. Again, mindset, physical health, daily habits and spiritual well-being all go hand in hand.

What Annie’s Currently Working On

In addition to her full roster of coaching clients, workshops and speaking engagements, I asked Annie what she’s currently working on.  I was thrilled to learn that she’s working on a book which she described as ‘her Everest’. It’s a how-to-guide for women for aging well.  It will empower women to have the agency to make the right decisions for themselves.  Look for this amazing read in Fall 2023. I can’t wait to check it out.

What Brings Annie Joy

How could I end a good interview without asking Annie what brings her joy?  She shared the food brings her a lot of joy – whether it’s enjoying delicious foods or preparing meals with family and friends. Nature also brings her a lot of joy and she described it as making her feel very alive.

A Few Final Thoughts

A few final thoughts on this beautiful interview.

As I shared from the outset, I want to provide thoughtful profiles for 2 reasons. First, there are really incredible people doing intentional work. Second, May You Know Joy cards are used in so many interesting ways and I think it’s interesting to share should it give you ideas in your own life whether it’s personal or professional.

If you are a woman in midlife who wants to gain greater connection with yourself, your health and your vitality, I encourage you to explore Annie’s work. Her energy is contagious. She is the perfect combination of smart, inspiring and compassionate. She is a wise guide and will push you to achieve what you may have forgotten was possible.

I believe there is an opportunity for us to be intentional in a million small and simple ways every day. Our health and well-being is a critical part of this.  Lastly, I believe that energy and vitality don’t dwindle with age. In fact, I think they can become much richer and more abundant. I encourage you to explore that with a wise guide like Annie.

Explore Annie’s Work

Annie kindly shared the many ways you can explore her work and stay updated on what she’s up to.

Instagram @veev_wellness


LinkedIn:  Annie Gaudreault

Book a call with Annie here

Check out Annie’s program:  The Age Well Be Well Society 

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