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Let’s talk getting intentional for the New Year. Whether you have an established intention setting practice or are interested to get started, i have found this a great time of year to re-centre, reflect and to look ahead.

Pausing to Reflect

Pausing to reflect is an amazing place to start. Do you think that sometimes we’re so busy looking ahead that we miss this part? I know I have and I also know that when I’ve taken the time to do it, it’s made all the difference.

It’s helpful to write these things down.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • what milestones happened this year?
  • what am I grateful for?
  • what am I ready to let go of?

I think it’s important to give equally weighted attention to what went right and what went wrong.  For example, we don’t want to dwell soley on the negative. Likewise, we don’t want to be positive without being honest. With that, looks for the lessons that you can take forward.

I have created a beautiful Intention Setting Workbook if you would like to delve deeper and be guided through the process.

Intention Setting Practice

Creating the Coming Year

If we look at this practice as creating the coming year, that is very empowering.  What is it that you would like to create for yourself?

  • are there goals you want to set?
  • are there personal values you want to cultivate?
  • is there a feeling state you want to support?
  • are there experiences you would like to have?

Give consideration to all aspects of your life:  personal, career/work, relationships, health, mindset, learning, play, adventure and whatever feels important to you.

Then, let’s get specific on what intentions we want to create for the coming year.

Next, we need to identify what we can do (or implement) to support these intentions. For example, are there daily habits that will support you? Are there people that can help you? Do you need to modify your environment to support your goals and dreams.  We want to think about all of the factors that will be nourishing to us and create a supportive and fertile environment for us to flourish.

Intention Setting Workbook (by: Adrienne Enns)

This Intention Setting workbook will inspire your most intentional living.

Intention Setting Inspiration

As we embark on getting intentional for the new year, we have some great resources to support you:

As mentioned earlier, I highly recommend the Intention Setting Workbook for a beautiful, inspiring and thorough deep-dive. This will guide you through reconnecting with your core values, reflecting on the previous year and walk you through several areas of your life to help you create a very intentional new year.

May You Know Joy cards decks are also a valuable tool. You might enjoy card pulling as you go through the process of getting intentional for the new year.  If your intention is to create a daily intention setting practice to support your well-being for the new year, these can also for the foundation of a beautiful daily practice.

Deluxe ritual gift sets are a great choice if you are keen to create a daily intention setting ritual. These include a stand for your daily card pull and a rose quartz crystal for energy clearing and to promote self-love.

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