Write Down What You're Grateful For - May You Know Joy

Write Down What You’re Grateful For is the title of the article I was recently part of for Thrive Global.

I encourage you to give it a read because it is a great reminder of the power of gratitude in our daily lives. Particularly in these tough times, our attention can be diverted to the pain of everything wrong in the world.  To be sure, there’s a lot that warrants our concern!  I’m not suggesting we ignore it but, also choose to see the good in our lives because it’s always there.  A daily gratitude practice is powerful because it actually rewires our brains.  In addition, it has a calming our nervous systems and allows us to see a more balanced view of the world.

I could write it all here but, check out the article!  I loved the opportunity and I hope you enjoy it!

If you are interested in evolving your own daily practice, I encourage you to check out our awesome collection of intention card decks. You might specifically enjoy the May You Know Gratitude deck.  They are simple reminders to open your aperture to the goodness around you that you may not have noticed yet.  There’s also a journal where you can write it all down.

I’m grateful for your time and that we’re in this together!