Women in Wellness Profile: Adrienne Enns - May You Know Joy

A very big shout-out to Medium.com.  I want to thank you for featuring me in your Women in Wellness series.  You know, I love any chance I get to talk about the importance of simple and consistent tweaks we can make towards our most joyful and intentional living. Check it out. For the full article, follow this link.

Looking for a quick summary of the 5 key tweaks?  Here they are:

Be intentional

I encourage everyone to be intentional think about their intentions. For example, when you’re starting the day or entering a new situation — this is a great opportunity to centre ourselves and decide how we want to show up. In doing this, we’re aligning with ourselves and giving our energy and attention to what we’re choosing for ourselves. It won’t always go as we planned but, we also aren’t leaving things to chance.

Simplicity is Key

I believe simplicity is key. The more we unclutter and keep things simple, the more ease there is to life. We can unclutter our minds through regular exercise and meditation. Another option is de-clutter our spaces and keep just what we need and what brings us joy. Finally, we can also double-check our calendars and keep our to-do lists and commitments simple. Let’s not overwhelm our lives with busy stuff.

Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself. I’ve found that we can be our own toughest critics. It can be hard at first to be kind to yourself but, it can change everything. You can start when by looking in the mirror, smiling and say something kind. I know it sounds super hokey but, try it consistently and mean it. For example, can be kind to our bodies by moving them, hydrating them and letting them rest. You can text a friend, listen to a song you love or stop to smell the flowers. I encourage you to look for the many small things you can do in each to be a little kinder to yourself.

Being Present

Just being present in our lives is essential to our well-being. We can spend a lot of time stuck in the past or worrying about the future or generally distracted. We can miss our moments. A simple deep breath and a look around us can center us. Where am I? How am I feeling? What is here for me? Is there anything I need to shift? Let’s make our moments matter.

Cultivating our joy

Last but not least, a tweak that can change everything is finding and cultivating our joy. I’ve spoken to thousands of people about this and joy can feel elusive or like something for later — once we’ve achieved things. It’s also common to feel like it’s for other people and we’re not worth it. I remind you that joy is already here and within you. Let’s stop and ask ourselves what actually brings us joy? What small activities, what people, what places, what music lights us up? Also, can we look for little moments every day to find and cultivate joy. It’s this simple, consistent allowing for joy that really creates a joyful life.

Read the full article here.

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