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Why we love intention cards is simple – they inspire us, make us mindful and infuse our days with more joy. What more could you ask for? In all seriousness, when I had to turn my life around (that story is here), I stumbled upon a card deck while visiting my sister in BC. I was captivated because they were beautiful. While I didn’t know anything about them, I knew I enjoyed pulling them and they invited me to look at myself and life in new and inspiring ways.

That’s how I want you to feel when you use our card decks. I want them to be inspiring and nudge you to uncover some gorgeous aspect of yourself. Hopefully, they will encourage you to be mindful and adventurous in the world. Most importantly, I hope they open your heart and invite you to step into the magic of being wildly alive and creating a life you love.

I believe that it is the simple things we do consistently that have a profound and cumulative effect over time. Drawing a card each day creates accountability and opportunity. It’s easy and important to pull one on good days and even more important to keep them close on bad days.

You can pull from multiple card decks. What matters is how the messages resonate with you and how you allow life to unfold with your intentions in mind.

10 Ways to Use Intention Cards

Here are 10 ways to use intention cards. Over the years, we’ve talked to thousands of you and I encourage you to put your comments below. The more ideas and inspiration, the better. These 10 will just get us started.  Here goes:

1. Pull a card in the morning to inspire your day

Pulling a card in the morning can be a great way to start your day because it’s a moment to connect with yourself. You can set your GPS for the day and it’s also great to ground back into when days go adrift.

2. Pull a card as part of your mindfulness practice

People often use the cards these cards as part of their mindfulness practices. They can be used to inspire yoga, journaling, meditation or any other mindfulness practice you enjoy.

3. With Family

I’ve heard from many families who choose cards with their kids. It’s a great way to inspire mindfulness and also encourage great conversations for everyone.

4. In Classrooms

Any of the intention card decks offer great inspiration in classrooms. They are great ice-breakers and invite really mindful and inspired conversations.

5. Pull a card when you need some inspiration

Cards can be pulled anytime. Whenever you need some inspiration or a reset, simply pull a card to nudge you. Display the card somewhere that it will be great reminder to you. It could go on your mirror, your desk, on the fridge or wherever it will catch your eye.

6.  The perfect mindful gift

Intention cards make the perfect mindful gift. Whether you know someone will just love them, you want to say thank you or someone needs a pick-me-up, these cards are truly a gift that gives long after.

7. Group gifts

These cards have been popular at retreats and many corporate events. Again, they are the perfect thoughtful gift and a great way to convey the important of well-being and self-care.

8. Making Connections

These cards are also a great way to connect with people. They are used in group settings and in seniors homes. Cultivating mindfulness is calming, it is good for the soul and it extends well-being to everyone touched by it. Whatever environment you are entering, these cards will foster rich connections.

9. Self-Reflection

These cards also offer a beautiful opportunity to cultivate greater self-awareness and self-reflection. When we come to know ourselves better, we can make mindful choices and become a beautiful expression of who we are meant to be.

10. Joy & Mental Health

By encouraging simple mindfulness, these cards cultivate joy and support all of us in our mental health journey. These kinds of practices actually re-wire our brains, calm us down and give us a more positive sense of self and community. Let’s spread as much joy as we can.

Make Your Practice Your Own

What’s most important is that you make your practice your own. Pulling a card is a tool – it’s an opportunity for us to connect with ourselves and the world around us. Our practices should light us up and be a great source of inspiration. That’s why we try to make cards that are beautiful and speak directly to the heart.

We absolutely hope you enjoy them and we’d love to know how you enjoy yours.  Please share with us.

May You Know Joy Cards

All of our cards can be found here.  Whether you are looking for joy, intention setting, gratitude, love or self-care, we’ve got you covered.  Enjoy!