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Why do we create intention card decks? We were at a tradeshow just last week and this was by far the most frequently asked question.  We’ve been around for over 8 years now so, have answered this question innumerable times but, it makes me happy to do it every single time. So, it seemed fitting to share it again here in case you need a refresher or you’re hearing it for the very first time.

What Inspired May You Know Joy

It’s Adrienne here, the Founder and Creator of all things May You Know Joy and I want to share with you what inspired May You Know Joy.  As I write this, I am turning the corner on 11 years sober.  That decision to turn my life around is the catalyst behind May You Know Joy every single day.  My addiction recovery journey is well-documented and you can watch me share it on this video, Overcoming Addiction.

It was a horrible time but, I learned a few valuable lessons that I carry with me.  First, I recognized how much energy I’d put into my own self-destruction and wondered what I could do if I put my energy toward good on a daily basis? Second, if I was going to all the trouble to turn my entire life around then, I wanted to be happy. I wanted to experience deep joy in my life.  And finally, time has taught me that it’s the simple, consistent and mindful choices that I make every day that make all the difference.

I wanted to share this in a way that was beautiful, inviting and transformative.  Over the last several years, it has been an incredible joy to create and expand this line. I choose themes that are personally meaningful and that I believe we all resonate with. It’s awesome to see the intention card decks out in the wild and there’s more where those came from!

Why the name “May You Know Joy”?

Another FAQ is “why the name May You Know Joy. After much journalling, I was lying on a yoga mat at Kripalu which is one of my favourite places on the planet.  It was a place of deep healing and learning for me.  To me the “may” is a beautiful invitation and a wish to you.  It is my highest wish for your greatest well-being. The word “know” is important because we come to know things through experience. For example, I can only really know joy if I know what it feels like to also feel sad, angry, resentful and whatever feels at the other spectrum to joy. This knowing creates wholeness and it allows us to feel everything and also choose joy.  Finally, “joy” is just the feeling state I want to experience as much as possible. It is also my hope for you. To me, it means a happy peace and a deep sense of contentment. It doesn’t mean we’re happy all the time but, we are always trying to align with joy and make it a priority in our lives. This is also not about being perfect. It’s about being real and fully showing up and being present in life. By doing this, we can really know ourselves and find greater joy.

How We Started

Here’s a little background about how we got started. May You Know Joy began as a little life coaching practice. I had one-on-one clients and also ran workshops. I launched the May You Know Joy card set early on as a gift for clients, family and friends.  Interesting fact:  they’re in a linen bag (which is now a customer favourite) because we couldn’t afford boxes!  Over time, the card line began to expand and I realized my happy place was creating and developing the decks. I still speak and offer workshops from time to time but, our core focus is creating the card decks and they are now available through hundreds of retailers across North America. I want them to be a simple and beautiful way to inspire your everyday living.

Why We Create Intention Card Decks

Why we create intention card decks is simple. As I mentioned earlier, I believe it’s the simple things we do consistently that have the biggest impact over time. I love the card deck format because I want to create something small, beautiful and inspiring – something that you WANT to include in your every day practices. The messages are simple and accessible but, not to be underestimated. When we start to be kind to ourselves and take mindful action, incredible things happen. I want to remind people of that and help them along their way. When people are pulling cards, being inspired and creating moments and lives that they love, that brings me a lot of joy.

All of the card decks are different.  Every single card is unique. The card deck themes are different and so are the colour schemes and designs. However, all of the cards really lead us back to our centre, our joy and our most mindful living. I love this because different card decks may speak to different people on different days for any number of reasons. But, it doesn’t matter which intention card deck you choose because they are all leading you back to you and it doesn’t matter what road you take to get there.

We Hope You Know Joy

It’s that simple:  we hope you know joy and if we can help you, it would be our pleasure. We create intention card decks to empower people to live mindfully and to know joy. In a world that is fraught with chaos, fear and darkness, we need to create as much light, hope and possibility as possible. We hope that you enjoy our intention card decks or whatever intention setting practice works for you. Remember that joyful moments are right here and they’re even better if you share them. Days, months and years can be tough but, when you are intentional, you will be able to navigate them with more ease and grace. We wish you great joy today and always.

Shop our Card Decks

Here are links to shop the full collection of card decks. They are an awesome act of self-care and make incredibly thoughtful gifts.

These card decks can be a great tool for daily inspiration, reflection and mindfulness. I encourage you to enjoy them and put them somewhere where you can always enjoy them. Share them with your friends and family. I think we can all agree that spreading as much joy and inspiration as we can is a very good thing!

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