Ways to Use Intention Cards - May You Know Joy

Here are just some of the ways to use intention cards.  If intention card decks are new to you, here are some great ways to enjoy them – on your own or with others.

Choose a card in the morning

Choose a card in the morning to set your intention for the day.  This is one of my favourite ways to use them and there are a couple of things that are really great about this. First, taking a moment to get centred in the morning  – sets the course for your entire day.  Second, by choosing an intention, we are mindfully connecting with how we want to show up and that’s powerful energy.

Choose a card when you need one

Sometimes the best thing we can do is simply pull a card when we need one! What I love about intention cards is that they are simple, accessible and inspiring – anytime and anywhere. If you are feeling ungrounded or just need some inspiration, choose an intention card to get re-centred. Intention cards are beautiful because they inspire us to see the world in a fresh way. This puts us on a mindful adventure of paying attention, really being present and connecting with who we want to be and how we want to show up in the world.

Use cards in your mindfulness practices

The cards can also be great to use in your mindfulness practices. Again, they can provide some beautiful inspiration and invite us to see the world and ourselves in new ways. If you like to journal, the cards can be great journal prompts. For the yoga practitioners or teachers, the cards can be a great point of focus for a practice. They can also be an inspiring way to end the practice and take our intentions into the world. Lastly, the cards can also be helpful if you are looking for a point of focus for your meditation practice.  Whatever your mindfulness practices, the intention cards offer a beautiful infusion of fresh energy and inspiration.

Great for teachers, coaches and counsellors

The intention cards are also great for teachers, coaches and counsellors. The intention cards can be awesome ice-breakers and a way to initiate a mindful conversation. I know they’ve been used in classrooms, at retreats and in group sessions. They seem to have a beautiful and subtle way of bringing out inspired conversation. I encourage you to give it a try.

Pull cards with friends and family

Pulling cards with friends and family is also a great way to connect and generate mindful conversations.  Family use them at dinner tables and friends use them just for fun. Either way, creating these mindful moments is always beautiful and a great way to get people thinking about what really matters.

Thoughtful Giving

The cards are also perfect for thoughtful giving. They are small in size and price point but, big in impact.  It’s a gift that shows you care, has long lasting effects and can be a beautiful connection point. They are awesome on their own, in holiday stockings, gift baskets or anywhere a little extra thoughtfulness might need to go.

Vision Boards & Bigger Dreams

The intention cards are also great when integrated with other inspiration like on a vision board. Words have a lot of power so including them in your bigger visions and dreams can be a great idea.

How You Like

Most importantly, you should use them how you like. I offer a few suggestions because sometimes we need a nudge. However, there really are no rules and they are meant to inspire you. Use the cards creatively in a way that fills you up. Leave your comments below to share how you love to use them. I would love to know.

Want to Get Started?

If you want to get started with your own deck or gift them to a friend, you can find all of our intention card decks here. Choose what theme or colour suits your mood.  Remember, there are no wrong choices. I wish you great joy & abundance in your card pulls.