Simple Fall Self-Care Tips - May You Know Joy

Here are some simple Fall self-care tips to inspire you to make the most of this season. Whether you have kids or not, many of us get that ‘back to school’ feeling in the Fall. Maybe you’re heading back to the office or creating a Fall routine.  Perhaps you’re gearing up for a busier pace than Summer.

Regardless, I always want you to be mindful of your self-care and your most intentional living.  With that, here are my simple Fall self-care tips:

Tip #1 –  Mindful Mornings

Even if life is more hectic, ensure yourself mindful mornings because how you start matters – and, it matter a lot.  Your mindful morning routine doesn’t need to be elaborate nor does it need to take a lot of time.  When you wake up, pause before you grab your phone and dive into your day.  Breathe deeply and notice what you feel grateful for.  Create an intention for yourself.  How do you want to show up today? What kind of experience do you want to create for yourself? What action would feel inspiring and nourishing?  How you start your day matters.

Tip #2 – Practice Gratitude

Fall is a time of abundance and harvest and giving thanks and with that, there’s a great opportunity to align yourself with the season and practice gratitude. Throughout the day, notice what you really feel grateful for.  It doesn’t need to be big stuff. In fact, noticing the small, simple things you’re grateful for can be very powerful. Also take time at the end of your day to reflect.  What happened today? Are there things you’re happy to leave behind? And, what do you feel really grateful for?  It’s a perfect way to wind down your day.

Tip #3 – Get Outside

Just because Summer is over, it doesn’t mean it’s time to hunker down – get outside!  Enjoy the Fall weather.  Go for walks.  Take a day trip or enjoy another adventure.  The sunlight is good for your immune system and your mood.  Healthy movement is also great for your mental, physical and emotional health.  Get outside every day.  If you need to plan it in your calendar, book that appointment with yourself.  You’ll be happy you did.

Tip #4 – Create Joy

Infuse everything with a little extra joy!  What would feel energizing in your space or your day? Notice what about this season brings you joy and find ways to infuse it into your every day. Joy isn’t for later or when you have more time. You can create joyful moments all day long.  This is what creates a truly joyful life. Listen to your favourite song.  Cook something with pumpkin. Go pick some apples.  Spend a gorgeous day out in the woods. Open your heart to joy and you just might find it everywhere.

Tip #5 – Be Mindfully Organized

You might find the Fall comes with a busier schedule.  It’s not a bad thing to have a full schedule and a fulfilling life.  Where problems creep in is when we stop taking care of ourselves, when we become overrun with stress and when life becomes too overwhelming.  Take time to schedule your life.  Make time to do what has to get done. Can you delegate? Can you make tasks more enjoyable? Are there tasks that can simply be taken off the list? And – be sure to schedule time for self-care, to see your friends, to rejuvenate and to get outside. When you’re happy and rejuvenated, stress stays in check and life is a lot more enjoyable.

Be mindful of what this season means to you. Take time to nourish yourself. Be aware of how your schedule is changing and make sure that you’re controlling it and it’s not controlling you. Use these simple Fall self-care tips as a starting point and infuse them and your daily routines with the activities that keep you grounded, centred and inspired.

Enjoy this season full of abundance!  Create moments that light you up!

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