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Here are some tips for shopping May You Know Joy Card decks.  I’ve based these descriptions on my intention behind the cards and also the frequently asked questions we receive.

What are Intention Cards?

Let’s answer the question “what are intention cards” first just in case you’re new to them. The cards I create are intended to inspire your most mindful and intentional living. They are a little nudge encouraging you to look at the day from a fresh perspective. Sometimes we need to shift our perspective, open our minds and be inspired. I also love card decks because they are simple, beautiful reminders. If you use one card (from any of the decks) to inspire your day, it will encourage you to be mindful and open. This is where the magic happens.

Who Are Intention Cards For?

Who are intention cards for?  Well, anyone really. They make a really mindful gift to anyone you think may need or enjoy some inspiration. They are universal in their themes and self-explanatory so, they are an easy way to show someone you are thinking about them and care about their well-being.

A Little Bit about Knowing

These cards are about taking simple, mindful actions everyday. They’re not about creating the perfect life but rather, about really mindfully living. That’s why I often us the phrase “may you know”. My wish for you is that through these beautiful daily actions you come to know joy, gratitude and love on a deeper level. I also hope that you come to know yourself and from this place create a life, an environment and the circumstances to help you thrive and know immense joy.

Complete May You Know Joy Intention Card Set

Shopping May You Know Joy Card Decks

The May You Know Joy Cards are our original deck.  They include a 42 card deck and a companion booklet with a passage for each card.  People love this deck because the booklet gives them inspiration. I think this card deck is perfect for someone who wants to take the time to do some self-reflection. For this very same reason, this deck is also popular with retreat leaders and counsellors – and anyone who wants to inspire conversation.

Seeds Of Intention Card Deck with I Know That I'm Beautiful Card Pulled

Shopping Seeds of Intention Mini Card Deck

Seeds of Intention cards are designed to be simpler nudges to our most intentional living. I created these because some people wanted super simple intentions.  The Seeds of Intention cards are perfect for someone who is just starting an intention practice and they are also great when someone just wants a mindful nudge.

May You Find Joy Intention Card Deck

Shopping May You Find Joy Card Deck

I created the May You Find Joy mini deck during Covid.  As we all found ourselves in isolation and as someone always seeking joy, I began asking myself, ‘how can we find joy in the simplest things all around us’?  These cards offer little ways to connect with the joy within us and all around us everyday. Some may seem deceptively simple however, don’t underestimate the power of all the small steps you take as they add up! These are a great gift for anyone wanting to encourage someone and even help to pick them up.

May You Know Gratitude Cards - Scattered

Shopping May You Know Gratitude Card Deck

No series of card decks would be complete without May You Know Gratitude. This deck is created to inspire your daily gratitude practice.  Even if we’re already grateful, I believe these cards open us up even further and encourage us to see the world in new ways. Every day is an opportunity for gratitude and I believe it’s important for us to genuinely be grateful.  For example, let’s not list of things (i.e. family, friends) without really feeling it. Even on tough days, digging for gratitude creates a powerful mindset. This deck is also great for anyone. It’s perfect for teachers and it also makes a really thoughtful Thank You gift.

May You Know Joy In Recovery - Card Box and Card Deck

Shopping May You Know Joy in Recovery

The May You Know Joy in Recovery deck is particularly meaningful to me as it is my own journey of recovery that inspired my intentional living.  With that, I wanted to created a card deck with the words and phrases that either helped me or that I’d wished I heard. I believe one of the best ways to help people on recovery is give them to support to take each small step. So, these are great for folks on a path of recovery. Furthermore, I’ve heard back from many people on all kinds of recovery journeys (health-related, weight loss, grief to name a few) that also found that the messages deeply resonating. I hope this deck finds all people mindfully navigating any kind of recovery and finding joy in that journey.

A Lotta Love - Affirmation Card Deck

Shopping A Lotta Love Affirmation Card Deck

The A Lotta Love deck is designed to inspire self-love and heart-centred living. In my experience, we hear the term self-love all the time but, actually living it can be tough. Again, I think if we take small steps everyday towards opening our hearts to love, we just might be pleasantly surprised by where we end up. If you know someone who could handle a little extra love, this is perfect for them.

Self-Care Starter Kit - Intention Card Deck

Shopping The Self-Care Starter Kit

The Self-Care Starter Kit just launched in Spring of this year and became an instant hit. I think we hear the term self-care a lot but, I think we can be confused by it, maybe not know where to start or feel like it needs to be a grand gesture. This world needs a lot of self-care right now so, I wanted to break it down into very simple and mindful steps. I think I’ve use the word ‘simple’ a lot but, I just can’t overstate how important small cumulative steps are.  These cards a perfect for anyone who needs to love themselves a little harder. If someone has a busy life and needs extra care, these cards show them how to layer self-care into everyday life.

May You Know Joy in Recovery - Deluxe Gift Set

Deluxe Ritual Gift Sets

Last but not least, all of our decks come available as deluxe ritual gift sets. Again, when we couldn’t see you during Covid, I thought about all of the pieces you would purchase to create a ritual and I wanted to simply assemble that for you.  These sets include a card stand and a rose quartz crystal (to promote self-love and energy healing). The items come in a pretty white draw-string bag and also include a little instruction card. These deluxe ritual gift sets make an awesome gift from you-to-you. They also make a thoughtful gift to anyone you want to inspire.


We want shopping May You Know Joy card decks to be fun and easy. All of our cards are available in the May You Know Joy Shop. Reach out to us if you have questions. We appreciate every purchase. And, we appreciate your intentional living and all the joy you help us spread through your thoughtful gifting.

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