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I want to thank the amazing team at for this awesome interview about self love and the A Lotta Love affirmation card deck. interview with Adrienne Enns

About this interview

I want to tell you a little bit about this interview.  First, I really appreciated this opportunity because the term “self-love” is thrown around a lot and I think it’s a lot harder than it sounds (at least it was for me). I came to be kinder to myself through my recovery from addiction (I’m now 10 years sober!) and that was a very slow process. I’d never actually thought about loving myself or what that could look like or feel like. I began to slowly open to it (it was VERY awkward at first) and things gradually started to shift. I recount a lot of those details in my answers.

What I also really held in high regard was the thoughtfulness of the questions and they were not simple to answer. I thought they really approached this from a realistic stand-point as in ‘what is it actually like’, ‘how do you do it in real life’ and ‘what’s the difference between loving yourself and being oblivious to your short-comings’? Really good questions!  I hope you enjoy giving it a read. And – I encourage you to answer the questions for yourself. Perhaps it will take you on a soul searching journey too.

Loving yourself

As I mentioned above, loving yourself can be complicated. It can mean so many different things and we do not want it to blind us to the spots we need to grow. For me, it meant looking myself in the mirror and meeting myself in the moment. It meant loving my good parts and my bad parts. I found a way to hold myself with greater kindness, compassion and a sense of humour absolutely helps! I think it also means being on our own side and treating ourselves like we would a good friend. With my best friends, I give them lots of encouragement, I hear them out and I also give them a good nudge when they can do better or need to meet a tough challenge. I encourage you to explore this theme with yourself. If it’s tough, that’s normal. But, slowly opening to loving yourself might be one of the greatest things you can ever do.

The A Lotta Love Affirmation Card Deck

This is exactly why I create the A Lotta Love Affirmation Card Deck. I’m always paying attention to what I struggle with and what others struggle with. And, all of my products are about simple reminders to re-connect us with ourselves. This card deck is no different. It includes 42 cards and they are all very simple ways to cultivate self-love and heart-centred living every single day. If you are familiar with my work, I firmly believe that it’s the simple things we do daily that have a profound and cumulative effect over time. Imagine loving yourself every day (even just a little bit) and stepping into that more and more over time. That’s a beautiful way to live. When we’re all living like that, our approach to life and the people around us can’t help but, be affected. I’m sure we can all agree that the world needs as much love as it can possibly get right now.

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A Lotta Love - Affirmation Card Deck

A Lotta Love – Affirmation Card Deck – the perfect card deck for self-love