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Excited to have another new product announcement which is the very beautiful and inspiring Self-Care Starter Kit Card Deck.

About the Self-Care Starter Kit Card Deck

The Self-Care Starter Kit Card Deck is designed to inspire your simple daily self-care routine. In speaking to thousands of people over the years I’ve learned a few things. First, it’s easy for us to get overwhelmed with terms like self-care and sometimes we end up doing nothing because we don’t know where to start. Second, we underestimate the power that simple daily steps can have. With my love of creating simple intention card decks to inspire your daily living, I wanted to de-mystify self-care and give you simple daily steps to get you on your way.

Taking Time for Yourself

Taking time for yourself is one of the best things you can do. Self-care doesn’t need to be elaborate or just for special occasions. Getting used to regularly caring for yourself in big and small ways is a habit we want to develop. If you’re ultra busy or always doing things for other people, this can feel tough. However, like the old metaphor goes, you need to take the oxygen mask first before you can help others. If time is tight for you, these simple cards will help you integrate self-care into your every day in really easy ways.

Self-Care Isn’t a Chore

Self-care isn’t a chore. In fact, creating any daily practice whether it’s intention setting, gratitude or self-care shouldn’t feel like another item on your to-do list. In fact, we’re lucky we get to do this. So, let’s infuse it with some joy and ritual and celebration. Let’s start caring for our physical, mental and emotional healthy. In other words, let’s start really nourishing ourselves and feeling good.

Self-Care Can Be Simple

As with all of the card decks I create, I want you to know that self-care can be simple. It’s the little mindful things that you do every day that make a big difference over time. You’ve got to be on your own side and make yourself the best version of you that you can imagine.

How I Started My Self-Care Practice

How I started my self-care practice was pretty desperate and rudimentary. It did not come in a cute package and maybe the same is true for you! As many of you know, I had to turn my life around when I decided to get sober (that was 10 years ago now!!). I don’t even know if self-care was a widely used term then. All I know is that I realized how much energy I’d put into my own self-destruction and I began to wonder what life would be like if I used that energy for good.

I just started by gently being kind to myself.  Also, I decided to do things that felt nourishing and inspiring. Sometimes they were small like listening to a song I like but, being kind to myself felt unusual and also very good. We can take care of ourselves. In fact, I believe we have a responsibility too. That way, we can be healthy for the people around us and enjoy life. Wherever you find yourself, I hope you’ll practice small simple self-care, see how it feels, modify as you need to and begin to create a life that brings you a lot of joy.

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All of our decks also come in beautiful ritual gift sets. We created these so that it’s easy and inspiring for you to get started. Each deluxe set includes a card deck, a faux birch bark card stand (polyresin), a rose quartz crystal (for energy clearing and to promote self-love) and a little 3-step instruction card to get you started.

Self-Care Starter Kit - Deluxe Gift Set

Perfect ritual set to inspire your daily self-care practices.

Self-Care Starter Kit - Deluxe Gift Set

A beautiful gift set for creating a daily self-care practice.

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Wishing you the joy of self-care and feeling good XOXO

Self-Care Starter Kit - Intention Card Deck

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