Seeds of Intention Cards Will Help You Grow In The Right Direction - May You Know Joy

This mini-deck contains 42 bite-sized ideas that can shift your day.

I’ve written several blog posts recently about my May You Know Joy cards. They are my first born, after all. And they’re where this journey to joy really began.

But let’s not forget about their little sister, Seeds of Intention. This smaller, more bite-sized deck has a profound, magical quality all her own.

Whereas the May You Know Joy deck asks you to meditate on big spiritual concepts, the Seeds of Intention cards are designed to help you create the small habits of a joyful life.

The Inspiration

I knew from experience and customer feedback that The May You Know Joy cards offer satisfying meal-sized messages that can dramatically change a person’s life story. But sometimes, all we need is a little snack. I thought: Wouldn’t it be nice to have a deck that was smaller in size, and easier to use on the go?

As a Spanish-speaking friend pointed out, the May You Know Joy deck is the “grande” of the family, whereas Seeds of Intention are the “chica.”  I love the word “chica,” which means girl, or little girl, wheras “grande” can mean grown up, mature.

Creating a Shift

Just as a little sister can brighten up an afternoon with an invitation to play, so do Seeds of Intention cards offer a small, meaningful moment that can shift your day. Whether the card asks you to be kind to yourself, stretch your body, or connect with nature, you are invited to pay attention and live intentionally.

At work, during housework, even amidst our least-enjoyed activities, you can still hold this intention. You can hold the day’s Seeds of Intention card in your mind as you interact with the difficult colleague, the ex-friend, the crying baby. Whatever approaches, whatever arrives, you can still hold an intention to rest, to play, to be kind, or to sing.

With an intention, you have permission to take care of yourself. You can be inspired. You can go on an adventure. You can grow to see yourself in a new way. These subtle intentions can shift your day. Over time, subtle shifts accumulate to create bigger, more life-altering changes.

The Energy of Intentions

Recently I heard the saying: “Where attention goes, energy flows.”  It’s so true. When you set intentions, you are choosing what you want to create in your life. You are deciding what is purposeful and worthwhile. You are planting a seed.

It’s so easy to get hung up on the stresses and noticing the negatives. But instead of letting them zap your energy, how do you choose to nurture yourself through them? How will find your way to the sun?

Planting Seeds

Seeds take a while to germinate, grow and blossom. They also require good conditions, attention and care. And, if they’re never planted in the first place, there will never be a garden.

In other words, small and consistent intentions for your well-being can make a big difference. Instead of expecting yourself to make a massive, unsustainable change all at once, try instead to shift by one per cent every day.

The Seeds of Intention cards are designed help you make those small shifts. You have a lot of energy. Why not direct it toward what is important to you? just

I would love to know what intentions hold the most meaning for you today.