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Here is our new Celebrating You card deck!  This is intended to be a simple and uplifting pep talk that everyone can enjoy anytime and anywhere.  It is light, happy and sprinkled with a lot of joy.  Of course, we want you to read further but, if you can also catch Adrienne talking about this deck from our segment on CHCH Morning Live.


Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Inspiration behind the Celebrating You Card Deck

Let me share the inspiration behind the Celebrating You card deck with you. In fact, there were a number of influences that conspired to bring this card deck to life.

From a retail perspective, we are often in the good company of beautiful greeting cards and thoughtful gifts.  This got me thinking about birthdays and general cheerfulness.  Hence, the light and colourful design – sprinkled with joy!  It just feels happy to me and I hope you agree.

On a personal note, my daughter left for university this year and it got me thinking of all the little pep talks I might want to give her while she’s away. As I got thinking about that, I thought about my friends and family and the many positive messages I want to tell them all the time. Sometimes we all need a pick-me-up so, this card is great for us and it’s great to gift.

Finally, as a small business, I personally see and often write all of the kind messages you share with one another. Honestly, it’s one of my most favourite things on this planet. You are all so kind, thoughtful and full of love – it really makes me happy.  With that, I thought about all of the encouragement you give each other and wanted to create a deck that you could easily gift all of those people you want to uplift and share inspiration with.

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

How to Use this Card Deck

Here are a few suggestions as how to use this card deck.  However, I absolutely LOVE seeing how all of you make these practices your own so, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do that.  If you want to share your card pulls, use hashtag #mayyouknowjoy I love to see them!

First, pulling a card in the morning can be a great way to start your day. It’s like setting the GPS for your day. Display your card where you can see it so, when your day goes off the rails, you can remember what you want to connect with.

Second, you can pull a card whenever you need one. Perhaps a moment comes when you need some grounding, or inspiration or a fresh perspective. These Celebrating You cards are meant to be fun & inspiring.

Last but definitely not least, I think these cards just make an amazing gift!  I know I’m biased but, having seen your gifting over the last several years, I know how much goodness all of you are sending. Again, these cards are an inspiring little pep talk and the perfect way to infuse the lives of the people we care about with some lightness and positivity.

Let’s celebrate ourselves and all of the amazing people in our lives!

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Why Celebrating Matters!

A quick word on why celebrating matters is something I can’t resist. Life can be tough.  We can get sucked into the day to day stresses and somehow miss the many small and awesome things all around us.

I want to encourage us to celebrate a little more – celebrate ourselves and the people we care about.  I also want us to encourage us to reach out and uplift each other. If the last few years taught us anything, it’s that our social connections matter.

This Celebrating You card deck is a pep talk and a burst of happiness that we can all use.  Let’s add some celebration into our everyday lives. Imagine how extraordinary that could be!

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Celebrating You Pep Talk Card Deck by May You Know Joy

Shop our Celebrating You Card Deck

Here are links to shop the Celebrating You Card Deck, the Celebrating You Deluxe Gift Set and our full collection of card decks.

These card decks can be a great tool for daily inspiration, reflection and mindfulness. I encourage you to enjoy them and put them somewhere where you can always enjoy them. Share them with your friends and family. I think we can all agree that spreading as much joy and inspiration as we can is a very good thing!

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