New Year Intention Setting Practice - May You Know Joy

Let’s create an awesome New Year intention setting practice!

Hopefully, between all of the festivities you can find some downtime for self-care. Find a quiet spot and use this time to reflect and decide what it is you want to create moving forward.

While you can lay this all out in one sitting, I like to let it percolate over a good month. I like to let it move through my days, think about it on walks, meditate, journal and so on. It’s great to have something that’s not a rush. This lengthened contemplation also gives us time for deeper thinking and guidance.

It’s up to you but, give yourself permission to talk your time.  You are creating your future after all!

An Overview of Intention Setting

First, I want to share this diagram to illustrate the framework of intention setting and intentional living.

The Intention Cycle

The Intention Cycle

The first step is Awareness.  This is noticing where you’re at, how you feel, what lesson you want to take forward and what you wish to release. Being really honest with ourselves and fully aware of what’s going on is key.

Second, we have the Intention.  Based on this awareness, what is it that you want to create for yourself?  What is your intention moving forward?

Third, we have Action.  It’s not enough to think about your intentions but, to really live them is where the magic of being happens. For example, if you want greater kindness in your life, you will want find ways to be kinder to yourself, to the people in your life, to your community and so on. Through this action, you will gain a greater knowing of kindness – knowing what it is and what it isn’t.

Finally, we have Self-Reflection. We pause and take time to reflect on all of the lessons. What have we learned? And, what will we release?  Does this sound like the Awareness step we discussed first?  Great!  Because self-reflection expands our awareness and we enter the cycle again.

You’ll notice the circle with the arrow at the centre of the diagram. This is meant to indicate that as you flow through this cycle you spiral up – growing, learning, evolving and always creating a more intentional life.

Steps to Intention Setting

In this post, I’m not talking about our daily intention setting practices but, rather those times when you take a deeper look at things and decide what you want to create for the next year or further out.  Your daily practices will naturally fall in-line.

If you want a thorough guide, I encourage you to check out the Intention Setting Workbook.  It walks you through every step (with a fillable PDF).  I’m also going to walk you through the key steps right here so you can get started:

Step 1 – Self-Reflection

Take a look back on this year.  Here, we want to write down what we’re grateful for. What do we love? Are there highlights you want to pause and remember?  Perhaps you also learned some lessons.  Identify what wisdom you want to carry forward.  Finally, perhaps there’s some stuff that’s best left behind – let’s release it and leave it there!

Step 2 – Intention Setting

Looking at various aspects of your life (12 are listed on the wheel below but, you are welcome to choose any that resonate – here or otherwise) and ask yourself:  What do I want to create? Are there things already in place to support you or do you need to seek them out?  Finally, what are small and simple ways you can create this every single day?  I’ve also included a page from the workbook as a guide.

Creation: Wheel of Life

Creation: Wheel of Life

Creation Energy - Sample Page from the Intention Setting Workbook

Health and wellness – Intention Setting Example

Step 3 – Write a Letter to Your Future Self

What do you want your future self to know, feel and be experiencing? Can you write to yourself in a way that is loving compassionate and optimistic?  Don’t let this letter be limited by any perceived boundaries.  Create with full possibility. The logistics can be figured out later.

Important Note – I encourage you to take your time with this.  It’s not a race.  Can you write down a few thoughts and let these hopes, dreams and intentions percolate?  Allow them to evolve as you walk, meditate, journal or doing any activity that has you feeling ‘in the flow’.

Why Intention Setting Is Important

This is a beautiful practice of really re-connecting with yourself.  It allows you to notice where you really are and identify what you want to create. By setting these intentions, we are showing ourselves immense self-love and playing an active role in creating a life that we love – and one that brings us meaning, fulfillment and a whole lot of joy. Create a new year intention setting practice that allows you to honour where you are and to create a future that would be incredibly meaningful and fulfilling.  This is a great practice of self-care and laying the foundation of a future that feels deeply aligned.

Infuse Your Practice with Joy

This stuff is my idea of fun!  I love dreaming, planning and intention setting.  I love to sit by the fire, take walks, write it all down in a beautiful journal with my favourite pen.  In other words, make this time a gift to yourself, infuse it with joy and create from your heart!  What comes forward in your life as a result might just exceed your wildest expectations.

I wish you a very happy New Year!.  I wish you the power of limitless daydreams.  Use the New Year intention setting practices to identify beautiful intentions for your beautiful life.  Remember:  all of your intentional days create a life on purpose.

If you do want the Intention Setting Workbook to guide you through, you can find it here.

We also have a lot of gorgeous intention setting products if you are seeking greater inspiration.