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Always love launching a new product and I hope you love the A Lotta Love mini card deck as much as I do.

3 Foundational Intentions

In sharing with people over the years about intention setting, I always try to keep it simple. These practices aren’t meant to be complicated to-do list items but, rather beautiful enhancements that align us with our best living. To keep it simple, I’ve often shared that I believe there to be 3 foundational intentions:  Love, Kindness and Gratitude. If we all just operated from one of these every day, I believe the world would be in better shape.

A Lotta Love Mini Card Deck

With that, I introduce you to the A Lotta Love mini card deck. It’s pretty and oozing with goodness! This deck is designed to inspire self-love and heart-centred living. Self-love can be a tough one so, mindfully taking steps in the direction each day goes a long way. Once we’ve got some self-love under our belt, our perspective can really shift and we can see incredible opportunities to approach the world in a more heart-centred way.

A Lotta Love - Affirmation Card Deck

Card deck inspiring self-love and heart-centred living.

A Self-Love Practice

When I was in my early days of recovery, self-love was a concept that wasn’t even on my radar. I had no idea that I could love myself and I didn’t even know where to begin. It can seem very foreign when you’re not used to it. I believe that loving ourselves starts gently. We are a little kinder and we explore what that looks like, can feel like and what it even means. Loving ourselves also means we’re not so ridiculously mean and hard on ourselves. We see the imperfections and learn to meet ourselves a little more compassionately and maybe with a sense of humour.

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If you could use a little more self-love, these cards are a great way to start. If you feel like you have a healthy amount of self-love, you’ll know it’s also a daily practice so, these cards might give you some fresh inspiration.

The A Lotta Love mini card deck also make a great gift because spreading love to anybody (and especially people who need it) is always a generous thing to do.

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All of our decks also come in beautiful ritual gift sets. We created these so that it’s easy and inspiring for you to get started. Each deluxe set includes a card deck, a faux birch bark card stand (polyresin), a rose quartz crystal (for energy clearing and to promote self-love) and a little 3-step instruction card to get you started.

Wishing you a lotta love XOXO

A Lotta Love - Affirmation Card Deck

A Lotta Love – Affirmation Card Deck – the perfect card deck for self-love