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I’m so happy to be introducing the New Beginnings affirmation card deck!  Often these card decks are nearly a year in the making from creative development to choosing the perfect design and onto production and printing. So, when we can finally share them with you, it’s a true joy.

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck

Inspiration behind the New Beginnings Card Deck

Let me share the inspiration behind the New Beginnings card deck with you. For me, there are always lots of ideas swirling. I reflect on my own personal journey and when I could have used some inspiration. In addition, in speaking to thousands of people over the years, I also pay attention to the experiences we are all sharing collectively. I journal about what inspirations would be most meaningful and impactful to me and which ones can shift our mindset and perspective in a simple yet, profound way.

We all go through innumerable new beginnings – some we choose and many that we don’t. Regardless of how they come to us, I find there can be some level of anxiety, stress and fear. These feelings are completely normal and in many ways helpful however, if left untended, they can also overwhelming and paralyzing. This feeling state is exactly what we want to shift.

The New Beginnings card deck is designed to inspire us to navigate new beginnings with a sense of openness, possibility and hope. While we recognize the fear, we also embrace the excitement, the uncertainty and the potential magic available to us. We want to step into new beginnings with courage and optimism.

If you are navigating a new beginning, I encourage you to give this card deck a try. It is also a great gift for anyone moving through a change – maybe it’s a new house, new city, new career, change in lifestyle, health journey, a personal choice or any fresh start.

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck

How to Use this Card Deck

Here are a few suggestions as how to use this card deck.  However, I absolutely LOVE seeing how all of you make these practices your own so, I wholeheartedly encourage you to do that.  If you want to share your card pulls, use hashtag #mayyouknowjoy I love to see them!

First, pulling a card in the morning can be a great way to start your day. It’s like setting the GPS for your day. Display your card where you can see it so, when your day goes off the rails, you can remember what you want to connect with.

Second, you can pull a card whenever you need one. Perhaps a moment comes when you need some grounding, or inspiration or a fresh perspective. These New Beginnings cards are meant to be an ally to you.

Finally, these cards can be great if you want to create time for deeper reflection. Perhaps this new beginning is significant and you want to meditate or journal on it.  Writing your thoughts down can be a great way to explore yourself at a deeper level and arrive at a new place.

Again, I encourage your creativity! Allow these cards to open your heart and your mind to all of the possibilities you may not even realize yet.

Why Your New Beginnings Matter

A quick word on why your new beginnings matter!

While we all know that new beginnings always bring great possibilities, we can easily become exhausted by change and trying to stay positive.  I get it!  If life has taught me anything, it is that things will always change and new beginnings will befall me whether I choose them or not. I can definitely resist them and let them shut me down but, when I’m open, that’s where the magic happens. Sometimes we all need reminders to shift our mindset and see things in a new way.  All this to say, I think I often create these cards just as much for myself and I do for all of you.

No matter where life is leading you, I encourage you to trust yourself, to be on your own side and to invite all of the new adventures that life has to offer you.  May life surprise and delight you!

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck - Daily Ritual Gift Set

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck – Daily Ritual Gift Set

Shop our New Beginnings Card Deck

Here are links to shop the New Beginnings card deck, the New Beginnings deluxe gift set and our full collection of card products.

These card decks can be a great tool for daily inspiration, reflection and mindfulness. I encourage you to enjoy them and put them somewhere where you can always enjoy them. Share them with your friends and family. I think we can all agree that spreading as much joy and inspiration as we can is a very good thing!

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New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck

New Beginnings Affirmation Card Deck