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Creating Through My Own Recovery

The May You Know Joy in Recovery card deck project is deeply important to me.  At the time of writing this post and launching these cards into the world, I am over 9 years sober – rounding in on a decade!  Holy $#%  If you haven’t already heard my version of events, you can find them in this video Overcoming Addiction succinctly wrapped up in 6 minutes!

As many of you know, I’ve been creating and sharing intention cards for several years now.  They reflect my deep desire to connect us all to our most intentional living and create joy for ourselves and in this world.

In the background, I have always supported people in recovery – offering a shoulder, an ear or resource recommendations to people who need it.  I also taught yoga at a treatment centre for many years pre-Covid.  Supporting people in recovery supports everyone.

May You Know Joy in Recovery - Card Deck in Hand

This card deck is designed to inspire a simple daily practice of navigating recovery in a way that is inspired and mindful.

May You Know Joy in Recovery - Cards Fanned Out

Which card will you choose today to live intentionally in recovery?

May You Know Joy in Recovery - Cards Fanned Out in Hand

What card will you choose to support your intentional living in recovery today?

About the New Joy In Recovery Deck

In essence, these May You Know Joy In Recovery cards are a culmination of all of these things.  As I reflect on my own journey and the universal journey of recovery, these cards capture the intentions, words, sentiments and concepts that influenced my own recovery in simple yet, significant ways.

I believe that it is simple, consistent, inspired living that makes the biggest difference.  It is my highest hope these cards will serve as a daily tool to help people in recovery connect with themselves, love themselves, forgive themselves and create a life that truly reflects their highest selves.

A portion of the proceeds of these cards will be re-circulated to addiction initiatives as another means of supporting this journey.

I love the messages on each of these cards because they are small and simple and hopefully, inspiring.  This design was also very intentional and I love the richness of the darkness.  The stars represent our lightness which has always been here.  Like in the nighttime sky, darkness and light live together.  I believe the nighttime sky reminds us of the awesomeness of darkness and light and how beautiful and integrated they can be – instead of their seeming polarity. When we accept them and honour the light, that’s were true power is.

We are All Recovering

Lastly, I believe that if we choose to become self-aware, we are all recovering.  With each mindful action, we are recovering our truest, most authentic and beautiful selves.  Life is a journey of stripping away of the things that do not serve us and coming back to that light and joy that is the essence of our being.  Maybe that sounds hokey but, it reminds me of that Ram Daas quote that says “we are all just walking each other home”.

If you are in recovery (or know someone who is) and feel that these cards may be a source of inspiration, I encourage you to share them.  Simple gestures of caring, hope and possibility make all the difference.  May you be well and may you find joy in your journey.

Addiction Recovery Resources

I often get asked about recovery resources so, I wanted to begin a great compilation that’s all in one place.

Here are a few disclaimers:

  • For the most part, these are resources I have personally used and recommend – There are MANY amazing and truly excellent resources. I just personally haven’t explored all of them.
  • A really comprehensive list can be found on The Recovery Happy Hour Website – check it out – she does a great job!
  • There are some resources here that are not exclusively about recovery. I don’t know about you but, I got tired at some point of recovery-only content.  While it’s so helpful, I wanted to explore other sources of inspiration for well-being.  The resources that had/or have a big influence of me are also included.

Recovery and Recovery-Related Podcasts

Recovery Happy Hour

The Bubble Hour

Rich Roll Podcast

The Intention Sessions Podcast (My Podcast)

On line Communities for People in and Exploring Recovery

She Recovers

Recovery 2.0

May You Know Joy Membership (My membership for Intentional Living)

Online Recovery Resources

The Temper

Recovery-Related Books

In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts by Dr. Gabor Maté

Recovery 2.0 by Tommy Rosen

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown

Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh

The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer

Meditation & Self-Reflection

Insight Timer

Calm App

May You Know Joy In Recovery

Other May You Know Joy Cards

The Intention Setting Workbook