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I’m filled with joy to introduce you to the new May You Know Gratitude intention card deck!

This is just the most beautiful and natural extension to our current line-up of intention card products.

Gratitude and Intention Setting Go Hand in Hand

In all my time talking about and exploring our daily intention setting practices, it seems to me that gratitude is a natural partner and the perfect bookend to our most intentional living.

A simple way to look at it is intention setting is a great way to start the day.  In the morning we choose our intention and how we want to show up.  We’re mindfully choosing the course for our day.

In turn, gratitude is an awesome practice at the end of your intentional day.  Gratitude is great practice of self-reflection and noticing the abundance and good in our lives.

However, let’s be clear that gratitude is an awesome practice anytime and all the time.  If you made gratitude the core intention you lived by, I imagine your outlook, mindset and in turn, your life, would look and feel very beautiful and fulfilled.

The New May You Know Gratitude Card Deck

The new May You Know Gratitude intention card deck is in our popular mini deck format meaning it can go anywhere and everywhere with you.

You already know what gratitude is.  However, these cards include simple nudges inspiring you to find and cultivate gratitude in every aspect of your life.  Sometimes we need inspiration, fresh ideas and written words to motivate us.

Choose a card whenever you want to cultivate gratitude.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create an evening gratitude practice – reflect on what you feel grateful for in your day
  • If morning is your time – pull a card in the morning and use the card’s message to inspire gratitude throughout the day
  • These cards can also be beautiful inspiration for your journaling, meditation and yoga practices
  • Pull cards with family and friends to inspire mindful conversations
  • Use the cards with groups and classes
  • These cards also make the perfect THANK YOU gift
  • Use your imagination & allow these cards to spark gratitude whenever and wherever it’s needed!

Words are powerful so placing the card where you can see it can be a great touchstone throughout the day.  Saying what you’re grateful for also gives your gratitude voice.

And, combine this all with FEELING.  Don’ just rhyme off what you’re grateful for.  Rather, feel it in your heart.  Notice what gratitude feels like in your body.  Embody all of its goodness!

May You Know Gratitude Cards - Scattered

May You Know Gratitude Cards scattered so you can see some of the card messages.

May You Know Gratitude - Deluxe Gift Set

The perfect Thank You Gift.  Thesse are all of the items included in the May You Know Gratitude – Deluxe Gift Set – a beautiful gratitude ritual set.

Why Gratitude is Good for You

What’s also cool and interesting is that gratitude is actually good for you.  There is some awesome science to support it and I’ve cited a great resource below.  My key takeaways are these:

  • When we practice gratitude regularly, we actually re-wire our brains and begin to see things more positively on a consistent basis
  • Gratitude releases the feel-good neurochemicals improving our moods and reducing stress
  • Gratitude is also pro-social in that when we are grateful, this has a positive impact on the world around us

Again, I’ve super simplified things here but, what’s important is that gratitude has transformative effects physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Creating a Gratitude Practice

May You Know Gratitude - Deluxe Gift Set

These are all of the items included in the May You Know Gratitude – Deluxe Gift Set – a beautiful gratitude ritual set.

As with any practice I offer you (intention setting or otherwise), I’m always going to remind you that your practices don’t need to be fancy, elaborate or time-consuming to be meaningful and effective.

In fact, I think simple, consistent and joy-infused practices are the way to go!  The simple things you do consistently have a profound and cumulative effect over time.  Ultimately, what starts as a practice evolves into a way of being that you just begin incorporating into everyday life.

To get started:

  • Choose a time of day for your gratitude practice
  • Pull a card from the May You Know Gratitude intention card deck to prompt your practice or simply notice 3 things you are grateful for right now
  • Close your eyes and feel the gratitude

Throughout Your Day

  • Begin to notice what you feel grateful for in life’s small and big moments
  • Pause if even just briefly to feel your gratitude
  • Maybe it brings a smile to your face

In Tough Moments

  • It can be a little harder to muster, but, in life’s tough or uncomfortable moments, what are you grateful for?
  • Pause in tough moments.  Don’t deny what’s painful or uncomfortable.  Do choose to also see the beauty.
May You Know Gratitude Card Deck - Fanned Out In Hands

Pulling a card from the May You Know Gratitude card deck

Gratitude and Feeling Good

Gratitude is a great practice for re-centring on the good in life.  We can be grateful for our bodies, minds and spirits.  Hopefully there are people and experiences that give you reason to be grateful often.  If not, search them out. Even tough times have beautiful moments – maybe we learn a valuable lesson or some kindness presents itself.

Practice gratitude every day.  You don’t have to feel gratitude for things you aren’t grateful.  However, for those things that are gratitude worthy, feel it in your heart and savour it.  The more you look for things to be grateful for, the more you will find.

May you know joy, abundance and great gratitude!

A Great Resource on the Science & Benefits of Gratitude

Here’s a great article:  Is Gratitude Good For Your Health?  if you want to explore the science and benefits of gratitude further.

Want your own May You Know Gratitude intention card deck?  We’d love to send one to you!  You can shop here.