Looking for Joy When Life is Tough - May You Know Joy

Sometimes we need to go looking for joy when life is tough.

Recently, I had an opportunity to write an article for Thrive Global.  When I saw the topic of finding joy in tough times, I thought “Yes!” because I always want to re-enforce this message. Also, I’m encouraged to see that this is a conversation that we are having at large.

As many of you know, my commitment to joy and intentional living evolved out of my recovery from addiction.  The full story in 6 minutes is right here.

In a nutshell, what I’ve learned is that it is the simple, consistent daily choices we make that have a transformative and profound effect over time. Creating practices that help us re-centre and align us with the life we want to create serve as a powerful GPS system.

In good times, I learned not take these practices for granted nor underestimate them.  They help to build a solid foundation.  Then, when times are tough these practices become essential.  They are trusted tools for helping us cope and move forward as mindfully as we can.

That’s why I create intention card sets and talk about this.  I want to remind you that the simple things you do every day make a big difference.  Hope you enjoy the article and the video!

Here is a link to the article I wrote for Thrive Global, Look for Joy.

And – here’s a video I created with 5 Simple Tips for Finding Joy in Tough Times.