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I want to give you a good look inside the May You Know Joy Membership!

I’m going to try to capture the experience of it because that’s what it’s all about.  For example, you know the difference between being at an awesome concert and telling someone about it.  It’s hard to do it justice but, I’ll give it my best shot!

Why I Created the May You Know Joy Membership

I created the May You Know Joy Membership for 2 main reasons.

First, many people who use the May You Know Joy card products were looking for more information.  They wanted to know more about intentional living and they were also seeking inspiration and tips.  That’s all here through a weekly e-mail (for those who prefer their content that way) and via our private FB group for those who enjoy FB and want to be engaged on a more regular basis.

Second, many people I heard from were also seeking a like-minded community.  They wanted to enjoy this inspirational journey with other people and thrive through social connection.  Well, the group that’s gathered is about 75 strong as I share this and community through COVID has become more important than ever.

My Intentions for Your Membership Experience

My intentions for the membership are these:

  • Inspire Your Regular Intention Setting Practice – I aspire to give you inspiration and tools to help you build a simple daily intention setting practice. Your practice does not need to be elaborate or time consuming.  In fact, simple, consistent and joy-infused is powerful and sustainable combination.
  • Support You in Growing Your Practice – If you are interested in ways to mix up your intention setting practice, I want to give you ideas and support you. I want it to feel like an awesome candy store of ideas where you pick the ideas and flavours that light you up and suit you in the moment.  The Masterclasses are an awesome place for this.  While I host some of them, we also have inspiring guests to teach us new things.  For example, we have explored breathwork, gratitude, seasonal nutrition, moon cycles, beauty rituals and so much more.
  • Infuse Your Life with Joy and Inspiration – While there’s a diligence you will benefit from in a regular intention setting practice, not everything has to be serious and complicated. I want to remind you to drop your shoulders, love yourself and create self-care practices you love, set intentions that make life better and know greater joy!

A Peak Inside the Membership

I wanted to share the following images to give you a feel for the content and what happens.

Word of the Year

Each New Year, we take a deep dive into self-reflection and setting intentions for the coming year.  One of these practices is choosing a Word of the Year.

Take a Sec to Pause

You will regularly be reminded to return to the present moment.  It’s so easy to get on autopilot, stuck in the past or worried about the future.  Being present is invaluable.

Self Care Saturday

I’m always going to remind you to find those activities and moments that feel rejuvenating and restorative. Whether it’s a few minutes or longer, practicing self-care is loving and creates sustainability.

Another Word About Masterclasses & Workshops

The Masterclasses are pretty special.  I enjoy curating guests that I have learned from or want to learn from.  As it happens, I get as much out of it as members do!

May You Know Joy Membership - Masterclass

Masterclasses provide an opportunity for you to build your intention setting practice.

While we often have special guests, we also have a few regular contributors.

Emma Kupu Mitchell joins us regularly from Hawaii to teach us how to align our intention setting practices with the lunar cycles and other planetary movements.  We learn rituals for the new moon, the full moon and special astrological events.  These popular classes are packed with amazing content and full of inspiration.  I interviewed Emma for the Intentions Sessions Podcast and you can also check out her work on her website.

Full Moon Intention Setting Ritual

Full Moon Intention Setting Rituals are about reflecting on what we’ve learned and releasing all that’s not serving us.

Caroline Meyer, Naturopathic Doctor, is also a regular contributor.  She has been my Naturopath for 10+ years and has seen me through A LOT.  She joins us seasonally to remind us how to align our intentional practices with the seasons.  We cover food, rest, movement and mindset.  She is also trained in Chinese Medicine so includes this wisdom in her talks.  These sessions are also an incredible opportunity to sync ourselves up with the natural world.  She gave us an awesome overview of all of the seasons in this Intention Sessions podcast interview and you can check out her work on her website.

Nourishment & Roasted Vegetables

Where is there an opportunity for you to nourish yourself further.  We explore diet but, we also explore nourishing body, mind, spirit and the importance of rest and movement.

Investing in Your Self-Care

If you’re not sure about making an annual commitment, sign up for a month to check things out.  You will get a good sense of the community and the regular inspiration.  You can also check out our online portal which includes a full library of every practice tool we’ve covered and recordings of every Masterclass.

Investing in our self-care is not just a financial decision but, a mental and emotional one – along with your time of course.  By choosing your own self-care, you are making yourself a priority.  Choosing to practice self-care in a way the feels supportive and aligned will help you stay inspired and accountable to yourself.

In my recovery, I learned to make my self-care a priority and when I am feeling healthy and whole, my entire world responds to me in incredible ways.  Intention setting is not only a regular daily practice but, has become integrated in the way I think and move through the world.

This is Not a Course:  It’s a Lifelong Practice

I have to make this disclaimer!  People can get pretty up in their heads about ‘keeping up’ and that’s not what this is about.  I want to create a rich and beautifully curated space that offers you what you need when you need it.  For example, you may just love the FB group or you may just want to access the Masterclasses.  You might dive in and share in the community or you may take what you need an get out.  This is a space you can trust and rely on.

It’s about meeting yourself in the moment with compassion.  We are all on our own journeys and they’re definitely not the same nor are they linear. When we can become present with ourselves and let comparison drop away, now we can open up to the fullest experience of our lives.

This business of intentional living is about really being in the world and creating a life that feels rich and meaningful to you.  I’m here to support you for a little bit of your journey or a lot of it.  The choice is always up to you!  I trust you to surround yourself with the resources, inspiration and community that light you up, motivate you and support you the best.  If that’s the membership, awesome.  If it’s not, I absolutely encourage you to seek you what speaks to your heart.  There are lots of incredible resources.

A Final Word About Your Most Intentional Living

Personally, this membership is a source of great joy for me.  I love curating the content, I enjoy meeting everyone who shows up and I love this journey.  However, the thing that lights me up the most is our collective sharing, support and wisdom.  The members love to inspire one another and we all have so much to learn in sharing this journey together.

One of my favourite aspects of the membership is Fridays!  We’ve named Friday “Fill Our Cup Friday” so, if you’re feeling depleted, you fill your cup and if you are overflowing you share some inspiration or what lit you up this week.  I love this end of week coming together and it’s something we’ve all come to look forward to.

Finally, and because I can’t say it enough, create rituals in your life that support your very best living.  They don’t need to be fancy and complicated – they need to be simple, consistent and heartfelt.  This will create true joy and clarity in your life.  You will transform and so will your experience.  I wish you great joy and abundance on your journey.

Fill Our Cup Friday

Every Friday we fill our cups.

If you want to join us, I’d love to have you.  Full details are right here and you can always reach out with your questions.

Intention Setting Practice

Be kind to yourself XO