How to Use Intention Cards - May You Know Joy

Let me begin by saying there are no rules when it comes to using cards.  They are meant to be an ally and an inspiration so, use them with joy!

If you’re looking for a place to start, here we go:

Choosing  a Card

There are 2 ways to choose cards:

  1. You can choose a card at random.  Give the deck a shuffle and/or spread it in front of you.  Simply, choose the card you’re drawn to and trust that this is just the right message for you in this moment.
  2. When you are familiar with a deck, you can also choose a card on purpose. If there is something you are working on, want to cultivate or are creating, choose the card that’s in alignment and that will support you.

Words are Powerful

Words have a lot of power and having a visual representation of your intention is a great reminder.  Put your card somewhere where you can see it so it can be a reminder for you.

Place it on your desk, bedside table, in your journal, on your mirror, on your yoga mat, on your fridge – wherever you can see it and savour it.

Opportunities to Ask Questions

When you choose a card, here are some great questions to ask yourself:

  1. What does this word mean to me right now?
  2. How is this relevant to my life in this moment?
  3. Do I have any resistance?
  4. How is this an opportunity for me to connect to my best self?
  5. How can I integrate this into my day?

Intentional Action

As you move through your day, look for opportunities to be mindful and show up with your intention in mind.  Notice how your actions, mindset and experiences shift.


Take a little time to reflect on your intention and how it showed up for you.  Maybe you had great experiences.  Perhaps there are things you’d change.  It’s all great information to help you re-align and create your most intentional life.

Above all, enjoy!

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