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How to pull intention cards is a question that I get asked very often so, I want to give you some tips on getting started.

Seeds of Intention Card Deck

Pull an Intention Card At Random

One thing I love to do is pull an intention card at random trusting that the message is exactly what I need.  Often I pull a card in the morning to set an intention for the day. However, you can pull one any time you need some inspiration or guidance.

Sometimes when we pull a card at random, we resonate with it immediately and other times the message may not ‘click’ yet. Either way, I encourage you to play with message throughout the day (or whatever period of time feels good for you). Often, there is wisdom here and an opportunity to learn something or see things from a fresh perspective.

Also, with each card pull ask yourself “where is there an opportunity for me to explore this today?”

I would be remiss if I didn’t answer the question, “what if I don’t like the card I pulled?” – I hear this question a lot!  In this situation, I have two suggestions for you. First, you could simply put the card back. These cards are meant to bring you joy and inspiration – not to furrow your brow further.  Go easy on yourself!  Alternatively, you may see this as an interesting opportunity. Sometimes when we have resistance, there is a great lesson here. In exploring it further throughout the day, you may just find some opportunity to grow. Both paths are perfect.  In addition, you may find your decision to keep it or put it back varies based on your mood or energy level. Listen to yourself. You can’t get this wrong.

May You Know Gratitude Card Deck

Pull an Intention Card on Purpose

Another option is to pull an intention card on purpose. You can look through the deck and pull out the card that feels like a big “yes” to you. Often, when I’m going through something or trying to create something, I will pull a card (or cards) on purpose. I might have this card out on my desk for days, weeks or months. I find it very grounding and it is a visual reminder of what I want to connect to and create.

May You Know Joy Card Decks

Photo by: Lucky Gitana

Mix and Match with Other Decks

One thing that I love to do (and have seen many of you do) is mix and match with other decks. By pulling cards from multiple decks, you might find a beautiful layering of messages, colours and images. Exploring how they play together can provide great insight and be very inspiring. Although you can do this anytime, these bigger card pulls can be a fun ritual when you really want to ground and create intentions moving forward. I might do these on my birthday, at the New Year or on a New or Full Moon. Again, there’s never a bad time to reflect, create your intentions and go a little deeper.

Note:  In the photo above, I’ve included our card decks but, I encourage you to mix and match with other decks and themes.  It’s a lot of fun!

Get Creative

These are 3 basic ways that I use my intention cards but, I encourage you to get creative. I always want you to create a practice and a ritual that feels joyful and inspiring to you. There is no wrong path and I imagine the more creative you get, the more inspiration you will find.  Happy card pulling!  Please share your card pulls in the comments below.

If you want to include our card decks in your daily practice, you can find them here.

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