Creating a Morning Intention Setting Practice - May You Know Joy

Creating a morning intention setting practice is easy and it just might be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

Intention setting helps us align with who we really are, what kind of lives we want to create for ourselves and how we want to show up in the world.

Starting a morning intention setting practice does not need to take a lot of time.  What matters is that you keep it simple, consistent and meaningful.

Simple Places to Start

Before You Even Get Out of Bed 

Before you grab your phone and race into your day, take a quiet moment for yourself.  Place a hand to your belly and a hand to your heart.  Take a few quiet and mindful breaths to ground yourself.  Express gratitude for a new day and a fresh start.

Set an Intention for the Day

When you think about the day ahead, what intention do you want to set for yourself.  Perhaps you use an oracle deck like the May You Know Joy cards.  Perhaps there’s a word or feeling state you want to align to (i.e. peace, simplicity, kindness) or maybe there’s something happening today (an important meeting or conversation) and you want to mindfully show up for that.

Use this time in the morning to connect with what you want to create for yourself.

Tangible Reminders

A tangible reminder can be a great way to bring your morning intention practice into your day.  For example, you could display your oracle card.  You could write your intention on a Post-It note.  Perhaps there’s a scent or a piece of jewelry that aligns you with intention.  Your phone wallpaper is also a great place for intentional words, thoughts and reminders.

Reset Throughout the Day

Your intention is meant to inspire your actions.  Can you use your intention to be more compassionate to yourself?  Can you infuse your words, actions and deeds with greater intention.  It’s not a practice of perfection – it’s about showing up and really living the life you consciously create.

Expanding Your Morning Intention Setting Practice

Your morning intention setting practice only needs to take a few minutes.  Remember:  simple and consistent are the best place to start.  However, you may find a deeper desire to create a richer ritual.  More robust morning intention setting practices may include:  yoga, journalling, movement, walking, meditation.  These activities help you embody your intention more fully.

Find Inspiration & Accountability

If you are looking for greater inspiration and accountability, I highly recommend you check out the May You Know Joy Membership.  In the spirit of creating the things you wished existed, this is it for me!  It’s a beautiful community of like-minded souls.  We set our intentions together and monthly masterclasses and guest experts help us to grow our practices in meaningful and authentic ways.  We would love for you to join us!