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CHCH Morning Live Interview

I’m grateful to the team at CHCH Morning Live for this great conversation we had about self-care. They’ve always been good to me over the years. We’ve had many great conversations about joy, intention setting, well-being and my card products. In this conversation, we were talking about the new Self-Care Starter Kit deck and simple self-care tips for Spring

You can check out our interview here.

CHCH Morning Live - Spring Self-Care

Sprint Self Care Interview with Adrienne Enns on CHCH Morning Live

With all of my products, I want to make our mindful living simple. For example, I want us to think about what simple steps can we take each day to be mindful and create a life we love. The Self-Care deck is no different. In many cases, I find that that the idea of self-care can be intimidating and there can be a few obstacles. For example, we might feel overwhelmed by the term and not know where to start. Second, we can feel like it’s only for special occasions that we plan out and earn. Lastly, sometimes we just don’t feel worth it. If one or all of these  apply to you, I want you to know it’s super normal.

How we think about self-care

I want to inspire how we think about self-care in simple ways every day. If you asked yourself “if I were taking care of myself today, what would I do?” I wonder how this would shift your day? This is a simple way of checking in with ourselves, noticing what we need and hopefully doing something simple to take care of ourselves.

Self-care could be taking a break or going for a walk. Self-care could be eating something nourishing or talking to a friend. The more we get into checking in and taking care of ourselves, the more of a healthy habit it will become. When we’re taking care of ourselves, we feel better and can show up in a much better way.

2 Things to Remember

If you remember 2 things, I want them to be these:

  1.  Ask yourself, “if I was taking care of myself today, what would I do?”
  2. Do this everyday and do not underestimate the power of simple, consistent and daily mindful steps

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Take exceptional care of yourself. Wishing you joy and abundance always!