5 Great Summer Self-Care Practices - May You Know Joy

Summer is a great time to rejuvenate and we have 5 great Summer self-care practices for you to enjoy!

Tip #1 –  Get Outside

Many of us have spent a lot of Winter and COVID being more sedentary than we may normally be.  Summer is a great opportunity to enjoy the sunshine (good for Vitamin D and your mood!) and to get moving.  Movement (even a light walk) is great for moving out bad energy, upping your physical well-being and changing your scenery.  Moments outside – whether they’re walking, reading, another physical activity or going on an adventure are awesome for physical mental and emotional health.

Tip #2 – Lighten Up

With longer daylight hours, let the sun and light energy inspire you. What does it feel like to be energized by the summer and where do you want to direct this energy?  Also, use the metaphor of light and lightness to your advantage.  Are there areas in your life that you can lighten up?  Perhaps lighten your load (can you take some more time off?) or your mood (is there a song, a person or a place that relaxes you?).  Use any and all tools that inspire lightness to lighten up.

Tip #3 – Create a New Morning Ritual

In the spirit of shifting energy and optimizing summer, is there an opportunity to create a new morning ritual?  Are you inspired to create an intention setting practice, to meditate or infuse your morning with some physical activity?  Again, use the energy of Summer to create more energy.  Allow it to refresh and rejuvenate you!

Tip #4 – Create Joy

Infuse everything with a little extra joy!  What would feel energizing in your space or your day? Perhaps it’s enjoying some summer plants or infusing your water with some cucumber and mint. Notice what activities really bring you joy and do more of that.  It sounds so simple but, sometimes we actually lose connection to those things that really fill our soul and sometimes they change over time. If you’re not sure what brings you joy, you’re not alone.  Look at this as an awesome opportunity to explore, have an adventure and find those things that really bring you a lot of joy.

Tip #5 – Have an Adventure

While routines are awesome, life on autopilot is not.  Look for opportunities to have an adventure this Summer!  Be curious, experience something new and have fun!  Adventures are good for the mind and good for the soul.  It doesn’t have to be something far flung – maybe it’s a new book, a new restaurant, walking a new way or day-tripping nearby. Explore your world. Be inspired and let the joy flow in.

In summary, Summer self-care practices can not only be fun but, really beneficial to your overall well-being.  Use the light and vibrant energy of the season to release stress and unwind. Look for opportunities and experiences (big and little) to enjoy this time of year to refresh yourself, reset and rejuvenate your spirit.  This self-care is an act of self-love and feeling good feels good.

Wishing you a gorgeous Summer & awesome adventures!

Need some further inspiration?  Check out our awesome intention cards.  They are a simple way to open your aperture and help you start connecting to joy, intention and gratitude – every day.