Episode 034: Celia Fernandes - May You Know Joy
Episode 034: Celia Fernandes

Episode 034: Celia Fernandes

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In this episode, we talk to Celia, Fernandes, Founder of Celia Marie and an incredible Business Strategist who is transforming how women entrepreneurs structure, strategize and thrive in business.  Celia candidly shares her journey and big realization that her role in the corporate world was disconnecting her from herself.  She also shares how she help female small business owners create viable, soulful and purposeful businesses.    

One thing that really stood out to me (and perhaps will resonate with you too) is this idea that intentional living is all about making choices and taking action aligned with those choices.  What Celia so beautifully illustrates in her story-telling is how, so often, we don’t even know we have choices and that intentional living comes through challenging social norms that don’t feel authentic to us.


(00:50)            Celia’s Bio

(02:47)            How Celia’s upbringing influenced her future intentional living

(07:15)            “that tiny whisper” that’s always talking to us

(08:06)            A pivotal moment in Celia’s life and what led her to teaching in Japan

(15:34)            The exhilaration of being on a new path & making brave new decisions

(17:30)            Celia’s journey in the corporate world

(19:33)            Celia’s burn-out

(21:15)            What it feels like to leave the corporate world

(24:50)            Reluctant entrepreneurship

(31:20)            Creating space to figure out the right next steps for you

(32:55)            Can anybody be an entrepreneur?

(33:29)            Entrepreneurship as a path to accelerated personal growth

(34:31)            How Celia helps entrepreneurs with business strategy and success 

(41:08)            Business growth takes time

(44:51)            Celia’s words of wisdom



Celia is a business mentor and guide for entrepreneurs who want to build a business that is aligned to their values, their gifts and that creates an impact. With an MBA and over 13 years business experience, Celia helps entrepreneurs bridge the gap between the passion and drive to launch a business and a lack the knowledge, skills and support to grow their business into a sustainable source of income. Celia’s work in the belief that we are all here to realize our greatest potential and unleash our skills and talents in service of a better world.

Website:         www.celiamarie.co  

Instagram :      @iamceliamarie 

FB :                  Soul, Service, Success in Business Sisterhood