Episode 033: Kate Golding - May You Know Joy
Episode 033: Kate Golding

Episode 033: Kate Golding

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In this episode, we talk to the lovely and incredibly inspiring Kate Golding about intentional design.  Kate is renowned for her beautiful patterns and wallpapers.  We explore where inspiration comes from and how the design process takes place.  We also explore the importance of being present in the moment and the impact our most intentional spaces can have on our intentional living and our joy.


(00:50)            Kate’s Bio

(03:00)            Kate’s earliest design influences

(06:20)            When Kate realized she needed to return to her design path

(07:43)            When Kate really began the work she’s doing today

(11:20)            How nature inspires Kate’s work

(16:08)            The importance of being present

(16:24)            How a collection is inspired and comes to life

(18:40)            The creative process

(23:08)            Kate’s collaboration with Balzac’s Coffee

(26:00)            How creating beautiful intentional spaces can impact our lives in positive ways

(33:05)            What’s next



Kate Golding is a British born surface pattern and wallpaper designer based near Kingston, Ontario. Inspired at an early age by her granny’s 1970’s toile de jouy curtains and the textiles in the family caravan, Kate became obsessed with pattern design, interior design and the people who encompassed these design choices. Fascinated by the small details in daily life and the beauty of her natural surroundings, Kate unites the world as she sees it with her passion for interior decoration. All of her artwork is forged by hand using brushes, ink and fine line pen on thin transparencies on a light table. Kate’s designs can be found on collections of wallpaper, textiles and she also works with clients to create custom designs for special projects. Kate Golding has been featured in Interior Design, House and Home, The Globe and Mail, Applied Arts and on multiple HGTV shows. Her clients include Shopify, Penguin Random House, Balzac’s Coffee Roasters and The National Residences of Canada.

Website:         www.kategolding.ca  

Instagram :      @kategolding