Episode 020: Susan McKenzie - May You Know Joy
Episode 020: Susan McKenzie

Episode 020: Susan McKenzie

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Often, we think about intentional living in terms of our daily practices – the activities and rituals that lift us up, bring up back to centre and inspire joy. 

However, it’s these very same practices that can also support us as we navigate some of our toughest human experiences – like grief for example.

In this episode, Susan talks to us about how grief impacts us, what it feels like and how we can move forward.  She reminds us how raw it feels and that it is something that we will all go through.  She also reminds us that each person’s experience of it can be very unique so, there’s no on-size-fits-all step/stage or solution for what we should do or how we should be feeling.

We also discuss how essential self-care (intentional) practices are to helping us grieve productively.  We need to reach out, get help and find our way forward.

There is so much wisdom here for everyone.  However, if you are grieving or know someone who is, this might be an extra special resource when the time feels right to give it a listen.


(00:50)            Susan’s bio

(02:56)            What brought Susan to do this work

(08:38)            The raw emotion of grief

(09:00)            The loss of significant people in our lives & stages of grief

(11:30)            The universality of this experience

(12:20)            The problem with women who are grieving & self-care

(15:05)            Productive and non-productive grieving

(17:15)            Susan describes self-care and why it’s essential to moving us through grief

(24:19)            Susan talks about her book, The Mourning Pages 

(28:00)            Susan tells us about her colour work & the gift of pink

(30:34)            About the colour yellow and the healing properties of colour

(37:49)            Growing through grief

(43:12)            Choosing life every day is a lesson grief teaches us

(44:47)            Finding counsellors you like and trust

(47:55)            There is a way to feel better & know joy

(51:22)            Susan’s final words for someone who is grieving right now


The Mourning Pages:  Working Through Loss (Experiential Workbook)

The Colour Bottles on Susan’s Website


Susan McKenzie is a Clarity Coach, writer and a healer and incorporates modalities such as colour, vibration and relaxation massage. She works extensively with women grieving the loss of a significant person in their life helping them to embrace grief as a journey to transform their lives, so they can, experience joy again. In October 2019, Susan published “The Mourning Pages; Working through Loss”, an experiential workbook infused with healing to guide grievers along their journey.

Website:         www.susanmckenzie.biz

Instagram:      @susanmckenzie.biz

Facebook:        Susan McKenzie