Episode 019: Anne Marie Enns - May You Know Joy
Episode 19: Anne Marie Enns

Episode 019: Anne Marie Enns

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Anne-Marie is an award-winning event producer (you can read her impressive bio below). She is also my sister and one of my favourite people on the planet.

In this episode, we are detouring from her career accomplishments to talk about when the body has other ideas, women’s heart health and intentionally navigating life.

18 months ago, Anne had heart failure and it is her journey to change her life that inspires this conversation. I deeply admire how she became more attuned with her body and really initiated a road to recovery that would see her thrive. Things were immediately re-prioritized and I believe this in an important story for all people – particularly women who may find themselves in a similar situation.

I imagine listeners will find that Anne’s experiences, perspective and lifestyle changes offer valuable insights.  She talks about advocating for herself, how her life has completely changed, the importance of patience, advocating for yourself and the incredible connection she’s made to herself. 

PS – Our voices sound similar so, that’s fun!


(00:50)            Anne’s bio

(2:56)              Anne’s background, how life was hectic & how she felt 

(4:55)              What the doctors had said when Anne wasn’t feeling well

(5:39)              Anne was hospitalized with congestive heart failure

(7:15)              How women with heart trouble actually feel

(10:50)            Anne shares her healthcare experience

(11:30)            Anne needed a total life reset

(12:54)            What practices helped Anne the most

(14:48)            Anne describes her breathwork technique

(17:11)            How yoga helped Anne not only cope but, change her physical response

(19:10)            How Anne changed her work-life and what actually happened

(22:40)            Anne’s proactive approach to her health

(27:00)            Anne shares her biggest lessons

(31:50)            Paying attention in your life & making shifts



Anne-Marie is an award-winning event producer, speaker, and co-founder of Pulledin Productions, an event production company. She is widely considered a specialist in live and virtual events, strategic partnerships and in the immersive technology market segment. Her long list of legendary event productions includes TED, Bloor Street Entertains, Honda Celebration of Light, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, CVR (Consumer Virtual Reality Show) and the VR/AR Global Summits.

When not producing events, Anne-Marie can be found hanging out on the beach, playing yahtzee, meditating and exploring the Sunshine Coast, where she lives with her family.

Website:         www.pulledin.com    

Instagram:      @annemarieenz

Facebook:        Anne-Marie Enns