Episode 021: Tony Colley - May You Know Joy
Episode021: Tony Colley

Episode 021: Tony Colley

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In this episode, I talk to Tony Colley who is the Founder and CEO of B12Give.  B12Give is an app that recirculates prepared food from retailers/restaurants/venues to homeless shelters in Toronto.  He shares his own personal journey from the world of banking to food insecurity to his social impact work today.

We talk about what food insecurity means, how you can support his work and how we can all intentionally make a difference in our own lives.

Food insecurity is a significant issue and COVID has amplified the need to change this.  Tony’s work is nothing short of remarkable and I know you will be inspired.  Enjoy listening!


(00:50)            Tony’s bio

(02:28)            Tony tells his story of falling into food insecurity & the road to social impact

(07:10)            The launch of B12Give

(12:04)            What food insecurity is and the 3 categories

(16:15)            COVID’s impact on food insecurity and Tony’s work

(21:12)            How the B12Give app works

(26:22)            Tony’s highest hope

(31:50)            A call out to all major food retailers to work with B12Give

(35:34)            What consumers can do in their day-to-day live to make a difference

(43:17)            How to reach out to Tony & B12Give

(44:15)            Tony’s empowerment as a black, gay man running a sustainability business

(45:55)            Tony’s incredible journey doing this on his own

(51:06)            Life lessons from COVID



Tony Colley is a sustainability entrepreneur who developed an app called B12Give, combating food insecurity via the redistribution of surplus unsold prepared food from retail operators. The app creates a circular food economy rescuing and redistributing surplus food to shelters within the hour of receipt. Tony aims to lower retailers’ carbon footprint by providing healthy, nourishing meals to the estimated 5.6 million Canadians who are currently suffering from food insecurity.

Website:         www.b12give.ca

Instagram:      @b12give

Facebook:        Be One to Give

Twitter:           @b12give