Episode 005: Rusul Alrubail - May You Know Joy
Episode 005: Rusul Alrubail

Episode 005: Rusul Alrubail

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In this episode, we cover a lot of ground with Rusul Alrubail who is the Executive Director of the Parkdale Innovation Centre in Toronto.

Rusul shares how her journey to Canada created a deep need to have and create a sense of belonging.  We talk about authenticity, finding your voice and creating community. 

We also talk about entrepreneurship, diversity, inclusion and explore the concept of intentional leadership. 

Rusul is an inspiring leader who is committed to learning, creating change and expanding opportunities. While she may not have recognized it as is was unfolding, Rusul’s passion, commitment and dedication are such a beautiful example of intentional living.


(00:50)            Intro and bio for Rusul

(04:45)            About intentional living 

(05:15)            On social justice 

(05:38)            Rusul shares her background and shares about having a sense of belonging 

(07:42)            Starting the Parkdale Centre for Innovation 

(09:55)            How diversifying a work environment is full of opportunities 

(13:55)            Female entrepreneurship 

(15:15)            All about the Parkdale Centre for Innovation 

(19:35)            Rusul’s intention to be a teacher and her journey beyond that 

(23:00)            The struggles that come with finding our voice 

(24:50)            What changes Rusul would like to see & measuring success 

(27:45)            How we grow and flourish in ecosystems

(29:03)            What does intentional leadership look like 

(36:35)            Advice for finding your voice and amplifying it 

(39:14)            Handling judgement, obstacles and failure 

(48:47)            Parkdale Centre is bringing their programs online 

(49:33)            What brings Rusul Joy

(52:09)            How to follow Rusul on Twitter and connect with her in other ways



Rusul is the Executive Director and one of the founders of Parkdale Centre.  The centre opened in 2017 with a mission to fill the accessibility and inclusivity gap to innovation, tech and entrepreneurship, especially for underrepresented groups: women, newcomers and those from low-income backgrounds. 

Before Parkdale Centre, Rusul co-founded The Writing Project, a student publishing platform used in the U.S. by educators and students to amplify student voice and help students become better writers. During that time, she worked as an Educator-in-Residence at Ci. Strategy+Design, supporting community engagement at a design thinking agency that works with organizations on strategy and design.

Prior to this, she taught English composition and literature at Ryerson University and Seneca College for 10 years. She has written for Edutopia, Education Week, The Guardian, PBS Newshour, The International Literacy Association, EdWeek Teacher, Teaching Tolerance, ASCD’s Educational Leadership, Edsurge, Annenberg Learner Foundation, and Medium which I helped to grow its largest education community from 7000 to 47000 readers! 

She is a 3x published author, sought-after keynote speaker and a social media influencer on equity and inclusion.

Website:         www.parkdaleinnovates.org

Twitter:           @rusulalrubail


Instagram:      @rusulalrubail