Episode 004: Madeleine Marentette - May You Know Joy

Episode 004: Madeleine Marentette

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In this episode, our conversation with Madeleine Marentette is rich in inspiration and insight.

We talk about navigating tough times and while this period may seem incongruent with manifesting, it is an essential time for self-care, moving forward and for dreaming.

Madeleine also shares the inspiration behind her Four Season of Manifesting methodology.  She walks us through the thought process and provides tips on how to implement this powerful practice.  It’s an annual practice but, you can start at any point and she tells you how.

I think there is something for everyone here and I hope you will be inspired to use this content for your own grounding, self-reflection, dreaming and, of course, intentional living.


(00:50) Madeleine’s Bio

(04:50) Manifesting is all about creation and loving life 

(06:38) When the heart cracks open and the excitement for new things

(08:15) The COVID-19 pandemic and how this is like a cracking open 

(09:45) How do we move forward in tough times? 

(11:25) It’s not a time to stop dreaming but, rather use this incubation period 

(12:20) Calming the mind is essential 

(13:45) Tips for how to ground and get centred

(16:29) Finding solutions to move forward

(20:22) Madeleine provides background for her manifesting teachings

(36:20) The 4 seasons of manifesting explained 

(42:20) How the 4 bodies (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual) relate to the 4 seasons 

(43:36) Spring (mental)– this is the time for seed planning and birthing new ideas 

(44:58) Summer (physical) – this is the time for nurturing, energy and celebration 

(46:06) Fall (emotional) – a time for reaping rewards, abundance  and gratitude 

(50:05) Winter (spiritual) – a time for active silence and self-reflection

(54:00) Creating an intentional year

(55:24) Where to start right now

(1:04:36) Madeleine’s New Year’s Eve super manifesting ritual


Grail Springs Retreat Information (at home during COVID-19 and onsite once re-opened)

 Four Seasons of the Soul


Madeleine Marentette is the founder and CEO of Grail Springs Retreat Centre for Wellbeing, Canada’s leading holistic wellness destination. Bestselling author, educator, soul coach and healer, she continues to illuminate the path for individuals seeking personal transformation and life fulfillment. 

For over twenty-five years Madeleine has dedicated herself to the study and processes of the human-soul-energy-connection, this awareness she feels, relevant more than ever to today’s changing and challenging world. A dedicated life of service to people, planet and our sacred animal kingdom, has her working relentlessly taking action, co-creating with others, and hosting wellness retreat programs at Grail Springs. Madeleine holds a series of lectures and retreats throughout the year both at Grail Springs and abroad. 

She is presently working on her next book on the human condition as it relates to the sacred, and the evolutionary track of soul consciousness and destiny.

Website: www.grailsprings.com  


Instagram: @grailsprings


Facebook: Grail Springs

Twitter: @grailsprings