Episode 006: Julie Skirving - May You Know Joy
Episode 006: Julie Skirving

Episode 006: Julie Skirving

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I am thrilled to talk to Julie Skirving in this episode.  Julie owns a store called Logan & Finley which is on trendy Queen West in Toronto. She is a retail partner of mine.  She has also become a friend and a source I turn to as I try to continually shift to a more mindful and sustainable lifestyle.

What I admire about Julie is her passionate dedication to the items she curates in her store and to her customers’ real needs.  She is a curator, ally and educator.  

Julie offers a powerful and insightful perspective on intentional and sustainable living, shopping and consumerism.  Unlike many retailers, she wants you to buy sustainable pieces and less often.  She wants to help people create sustainable lives through creating mindful habits and wardrobes.  She reminds us that an important aspect of our intentional living is also here – in choosing mindfully what we bring into our lives, our homes and our closets. 

Julie curates beautiful items that are well-made, thoughtful and functional.  Julie lives it to give it.  If you are inspired to consume and live more mindfully, check out Logan & Finley’s website or Instagram feed for lots of awesome inspiration.


(00:50)            Julie’s Bio 

(02:38)            Inspiration for Logan & Finley 

(04:38)            How the concept of Logan & Finley emerged and the running store example 

(05:55)            How Julie’s lifestyle influenced her approach to her customers’ experience

(06:55)            How Julie’s upbringing influenced her dedication to practicality & sustainability

(08:50)            Creating a sustainable wardrobe

(13:07)            How Julie helps people get started and gives them a meaningful experience

(16:40)            How Julie’s products and services are evolving to the online experience

(22:30)             The ‘Surprise Me’ Boxes and the role of thoughtfulness

(27:25)            Building a life that is simple, beautiful, sustainable and what we love 

(30:00)            Spend less time and money to live more sustainably 

(31:50)            Specialty businesses help people interpret their needs 

(33:18)            Shop small businesses are integral to communities for so many reasons 

(36:00)            Changing our lives and the world through consistent small actions 

(41:38)            An invitation from Julie to reach out for her skills and services 

(43:33)            A message for the people who don’t like shopping



Julie Skirving is the creator of the Logan & Finley brand and retail store located on Queen Street West in Toronto, Canada.  You will often find her sharing her enthusiasm and product expertise with customers in the store. Julie started Logan & Finley after 20+ years in leadership roles in the outdoor apparel industry. It blends her professional expertise of telling really interesting brand stories with her love of nature, travel and living a healthy lifestyle.

Having her own store had been a dream for a long time and it has allowed her to put down some roots in a community she calls home. Her practical sensibility is what she brings to the store. Everything she does is done with a purpose and that is reflected in Logan & Finley. She has hand-selected every single item in the store for a reason.  She believes that using products that you don’t need to replace all the time is a key part of living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

Julie creates a safe space where people feel comfortable learning about ways to live more sustainably.  In a nut shell, she introduces them to cool products that they will really enjoy using in their everyday lives.

Website:         www.loganandfinley.com 

Instagram:      @loganandfinley 

Facebook:        Logan and Finley 

Twitter:           @loganandfinley