Episode 007: Clare Kenty - May You Know Joy
Episode 007: Clare Kenty

Episode 007: Clare Kenty

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This is a big conversation, so I hope you’re sitting down!  We talk with the very passionate and wise Reiki Master, Clare Kenty. 

Clare shares so much of her personal journey and the way reiki has become such an interwoven thread of everything she does. 

This episode was recorded in the Spring of 2020 and Clare offers rich insights on what is happening energetically – both on macro and micro levels – and how this is a significant time in our collective evolution. 

With change as a constant, she reminds us to trust ourselves and to intentionally create daily practices that are meaningful to us – that connect us to our deepest knowing and our highest sense of purpose. 

If you are interested in Clare’s work, I wholeheartedly encourage you to find her online (or in person).  Her wisdom and body of work are fascinating and continually changing with our times.  She is a powerful and radiant energetic resource.


(00:50)            Clare’s bio 

(05:52)            Clare’s background and how she’s always believed in magic

(08:00)            Clare tells us about reiki 

(10:00)            Clare’s own reiki journey and how it’s changed her life 

(10:40)            How reiki helped Clare navigate her father’s passing

(16:14)            Adrienne shares her first reiki experience 

(17:40)            How are difficult times are catalysts for our questioning what is 

(19:15)            Clare’s take on what – energetically – is happening right now on a macro level 

(24:35)            What is happening in the world right now on a micro level

(28:00)            This is a heart chakra activation for everyone

(31:00)            The massive energy shift we are experiencing and how to be present

(38:40)            Simple ways to connect to yourself and cultivate awareness

(44:25)            The roots of a personal spiritual and/or intentional practice 

(49:55)            Change will be a constant and how we can navigate 

(51:50)            Exploring reiki further (whether for personal or professional reasons)

(55:13)            Clare’s offerings



A Reiki Master Teacher, Coach and Facilitator, Clare Kenty has been working with folks for over 15 years. Clare offers tangible ways to heal, grow and evolve through Reiki and supports both clients and students in cultivating a relationship with energy, reconnecting to their magic and remembering their purpose.

Clare is passionate about creating experiences and facilitating events that challenge the status quo and inspire change and growth through healing with the intention to not only heal ourselves, but heal the collective and the planet.

Website:         www.clarekenty.ca

Instagram:      @clarekenty 

Facebook:        Clare Kenty