Episode 036: Cristina Tahoces - May You Know Joy
Intention Sessions Podcast with Christina Tahoces

Episode 036: Cristina Tahoces

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In this episode, we talk to Cristina Tahoces, Holistic Nutritionist about her popular TedX Talk:  Sleep, Love, Poop.  Speaking from personal experience and professional wisdom, Cristina walks us through the signs of burn-out and how nutrition can support us in mindfully navigating stress with resilience.  She also guides us through the 3 pillars of her talk:  Sleep, Love and Poop and shares how optimizing these can foster our most intentional living.  I’m pretty sure we’ve never talked about poop before so, there’s a first time for everything!

One of my favourite distinctions that she made is the one between deficit-led nutrition vs. love-led nourishment.  This is a big one which I imagine many of us can relate to.  She explains what love-led nourishment is and how it can have a big impact in all areas of our life:  physical, mental and emotional.


(00:50)            Cristina’s Bio             

(04:00)            Cristina’s career in corporate banking & living outside of herself

(07:53)            Cristina’s body’s warning signs of burnout (realized post-partum)

(16:00)            Burnout doesn’t mean you have to leave the corporate world

(18:17)            Burnout vs. bow-out

(18:50)            How nutrition changes can help us build resilience in the face of stress

(20:50)            Being mindful of the choices you’re making on a daily basis

(22:55)            The difference between deficit-led nutrition vs. love-led nourishment

(28:15)            Emotional eating

(29:35)            All about sleep and how we can optimize it for our most intentional living

(33:38)            The benefits of sleep and how productive it is

(35:34)            How nutrition can help if you have trouble sleeping

(40:15)            No one needs help to eat. We need self-love. 

(42:47)            Me-time myths and creating a life you don’t need a vacation from

(38:33)            How healthy bowel movements can help you live with intention 

(50:35)            The importance of gut health & daily detoxification 

(57:10)            The importance of understanding our worthiness – believing it & practicing it



Cristina Tahoces is a holistic nutritionist and owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice, a global online wellness business focused on building physical and mental health resilience to stress. A former corporate banker, Cristina turned to nutrition to help herself heal from acute allergies, post-natal depletion & burnout. Over the years, she has helped clients boost energy levels & immunity, improve sleep and anxiety and even reverse hypertension and insulin resistance – all through her in-depth knowledge about how to use food therapeutically to align mind and body. Cristina holds an MBA from the Schulich School of Business and graduated with First Class Honours from the Edison Institute of Nutrition in Toronto, where she earned a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition. In 2017, she shared her nutritional strategy on the TEDx stage as part of the TED Women’s Global Conference.

Website:         www.thrivenutritionpractice.com

Instagram :      @thrivenpchristina 

Facebook :      Thrive Nutrition Practice