Episode 017: Mikaila Cruz - May You Know Joy
Episode 017: Mikaila Cruz

Episode 017: Mikaila Cruz

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Mikaila is an incredible yoga and meditation teacher.  She’s a best-selling author, an entrepreneur and the founder of Empowerment Within. 

Mikaila shares her harrowing tale from 9/11, how it changed the course of her life and how it profoundly affected the path that has led her to today.  She shares how 9/11 shaped who she was and how yoga and meditation shaped how she dealt with it. 

This is a beautiful and intimate conversation about the power of our moments, how we can truly be present in them and how every moment is rich with very powerful choices.


(00:50)            Mikaila’s bio

(03:00)            Mikaila’s experience on 9/11

(13:05)            Yoga, meditation, anxiety and PTSD  

(15:17)            After a traumatic event, how do you even begin to meditate?

(17:25)            The misconceptions about meditation and how simple it really is

(19:47)            Addiction, anxiety and numbing versus awareness

(22:45)            Every day we can create a new life

(23:32)            How do we pick ourselves out of tough times?

(30:00)            What does it really meant to practice yoga?

(32:15)            The shift from Wall Street to life as it is today

(35:55)            Mikaila gives us a sneak preview of her new book

(40:07)            Mikaila’s work in the world

(42:26)            Final words of inspiration



Mikaila Cruz is a yoga and meditation teacher, best-selling author, and entrepreneur from New York City. She combines studies of the Eight Limbs of Yoga with alignment, creating a dynamic flow. As the voice for humanity’s evolutionary movement, Mikaila is the founder of Empowerment Within, LLC, a consulting firm devoted to empowering people from all walks of life. Her mindful practice is shared with all levels of yoga and meditation. ​ ​Over the past decade, Mikaila has been recognized by CNN, NBC Nightly News, FOX and BBC named the “Woman of Empowerment” by the Washington Times, and her words have been featured in “Manifesting Grace Through Gratitude,” Oprah’s 21-Day Meditation Experience. Mikaila travels to host classes and workshops in yoga, meditation, and empowerment.

Website:         www.theempowermentwithin.com

Instagram:      @mikaila_nyc

Facebook:        Mikaila Cruz