Episode 016: Corene Lavhan - May You Know Joy
Episode 016: Corene Lavhan

Episode 016: Corene Lavhan

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Corene and I met a few years ago in Los Angeles and quickly became friends.

I admired the work that Corene was doing on her Mommy Hour Podcast and wanted her to talk to us about why mothers need advocates, how they’re struggling, what the pandemic has been like and where we go from here.

I love what she has to share on all of these topics.  And – it really comes down to the importance of connection to ourselves.  So, whether you are a mom or not, this episode is very much about being on our own side, being centred and from that place really showing up for the people in our lives – whether they’re our kids, partners, friends, fellow parents or anyone else who may cross our path.  Whether she meant to our not, she gives us a great lesson in intentional living and parenting.

The last part of this interview is raw, deeply heartfelt and very important.  We talk about how Corene feels right now about raising black boys.  She shares her own journey, people’s diverse racial experiences, her fears and her hopes.  We also talk about how kids of all backgrounds can step up to create a real difference moving forward.  Honestly, this is a must listen.


(00:50)            Corene’s bio

(03:17)            How Corene became inspired to become an advocate for moms

(08:12)            Instead of suffering in silence, the importance of talking to each other 

(10:22)            When did moms become disconnected from joy and what to do about it

(14:05)            Letting our kids see us in the process of being very human

(16:30)            Let’s talk about pandemic parenting and what has been learned

(19:15)            Our phones, distractions and paying attention to our kids

(22:20)            The importance of consistent self-care & nurturing

(25:50)            Connecting to joy

(30:38)            Looking ahead to navigating September

(35:45)            Corene’s heartfelt and candid sharing about mothering black boys

(49:08)            When can kids of all backgrounds do to create chang

(52:54)            Corene offers her biggest hopes for this next generation



Corene Lavhan is the host a podcast and YouTube channel called Mommy Hour. She started building her platform 3 years into motherhood realizing that the key to healing is sharing journeys with each other. Each story of transparency comforts other moms and puts a stop to feeling alone in the world that judges mothers so harshly. Corene believes that it is important to continue to have dialogue that will heal and inspire moms to be the best versions of themselves.

Instagram:      @corene.lavhan

YouTube:         Mommy Hour