Episode 032: Mike Shoreman - May You Know Joy
Episode 032: Mike Shoreman

Episode 032: Mike Shoreman

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In this episode, I talk to Mike Shoreman – The Unbalanced Paddleboarder – who is an absolute inspirational force!  We met unexpectedly when I stumbled into the front row of his now viral Speaker Slam speech (link below).  In a surprising, compelling and heart-wrenching manner, he shares his journey with suddenly falling ill with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome and his remarkable rise.  Mike is now a renowned author, speaker and mental health advocate.  What I really love about him though is his humble honesty, beautiful heart and inspiring resilience.  Prepare to be inspired by the Unbalanced Paddleboarder!


(00:50)            Mike’s Bio & Mike’s Speaker Slam Speech

(05:48)            Mike shares his personal journey with us

(07:20)            When Mike got sick

(09:58)            A reactivation of chicken pox (Ramsay Hunt Syndrome)

(10:33)            What this diagnosis means for a paddleboarder

(11:48)             The moment when it felt like life was over & the anger that comes with that

(13:30)            How Christmas felt & Mike’s mental health journey

(15:33)            How Mike navigated his mental health

(18:05)            Mike learns he can do hard things

(18:46)            Mike’s first time back on a paddle board

(22:50)            What inspired Mike’s awesome Speaker Slam talk

(27:35)            Mike’s Speaker Slam remarkable experience in his own words

(30:00)            Paddles Up!

(35:10)            The legend of the Unbalanced Paddleboarder and its viral influence

(36:33)            Mike’s core message is for us to get up when we’ve been knocked down

(37:03)            What’s happening next



In November 2018, Toronto-based Stand Up Paddle coach Mike Shoreman was diagnosed with a rare disease, the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. All at once, he lost his balance and as a direct consequence, his independence, his SUP-coaching business and his social life. But Mike’s story in 2019 is not about falling down, it’s about standing up again. A public speech competition about the power of positivity which he won in last year has created a viral effect on social media, touched millions of hearts and triggered the #PaddlesUp movement amongst the worldwide SUP community. Mike is an ambassador for several non-profit organizations and a mental health advocate who fights to break stigmas. Mike is now officially the Unbalanced Paddleboarder.  He does inspirational speaking and recently published his book, Crash & Rise.

This Summer (2021) – Mike will be the first person to ever paddleboard between the US and Canada.  Check out his website to learn more!

Website:         www.mikeshoreman.org

Instagram :      @theunbalancedpaddleboarder

Facebook :      Mike Shoreman

Linked In:        Mike Shoreman