Episode 013: Karla Smith - May You Know Joy
Episode 013: Karla Smith

Episode 013: Karla Smith

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In this episode, we cover a lot of territory – from what it means to be optimistic to navigating anti-racism.

Karla is one wise woman.  She is a bi-racial woman, coach, mother, entrepreneur, activist, basketball fan and true enthusiast of life. 

I invited Karla on the podcast because she has so much to teach us.  She regularly coaches people and is known for her transformative practices and her emphasis on optimism.

In recent months, all of her life and personal experiences have intersected and she has been asked to speak up, talk about anti-racism and guide us as we move forward.

In this episode we explore all of this and so much more. 

She eloquently yet, powerfully, reminds us the importance of taking the very smallest first steps and committing ourselves to the exhilarating marathon of this journey.

Prepare to be inspired!


(00:50)            Karla’s Bio 

(03:55)            What does it mean to be optimistic

(05:45)            Karla’s personal journey 

(09:55)            Optimism is born out of a dark place

(11:05)            The practice of optimism

(12:29)            Karla’s daily intentional practices

(15:12)            How to move forward even when it’s tough

(17:50)            How to start loving yourself

(21:50)            Karla shares about her bi-racial background

(26:05)            How can we intentionally approach anti-racism

(30:10)            Where to start in furthering our anti-racism actions & conversations

(32:05)            The importance of listening

(34:14)            Being an ally in all aspects of our lives

(36:50)            Teens inspiring activism

(44:40)            Take action and be in collective service

(47:12)            Karla’s final and powerful inspiration for us all

(50:37)            How to connect with Karla



Karla Smith is a Personal Transformational Coach, Speaker, Writer/Blogger, and Optimism Expert dedicated to guiding people to courageously choose to live a life of their own creation. She believes that we all have great vision for our lives but often we are in our own way. Her mission is to help as many people and create a new approach to embracing change, so they feel capable and equipped to face life with confidence, optimism, and joy.

Website:         www.kslifecoach.com                       

Instagram:      @karlalifecoach

Facebook:        Karla Smith

Private FB Group:       Dare to Shine